10 Foods made in China that are filled with plastic, pesticides, and highly toxic chemicals.

Even if it seems hard to believe, in China there is rice made of plastic!

Consumption of plastic contaminants, even in minute quantities, causes serious hormonal and digestive imbalances, and eating this awful synthetic rice puts you at risk of developing breast cancer.

China is known for producing countless cheap and poor-quality products, but when it comes to food, things are incomparably worse.

The risk of illness is huge if you choose to consume these imported foods, and the correspondingly low prices raise serious questions…

There are some foods and products you should avoid at all costs because of the risks of illness you may be exposed to.

1. Counterfeit eggs
A video posted by some Chinese websites, explains how to “manufacture” a fake egg and earn $70 a day. Potassium alum, calcium, alginic acid, calcium chloride, gelatine, artificial colouring and water are used to make these eggs.

The main ingredient in the shell is calcium carbonate, which can cause dementia and memory loss.

2. Infant formula milk
In 2004, CBS News reported that 47 people were accused of tampering with instant baby formula, which led to the deaths of dozens of children in Guiyang, China.

The “milk” was made almost entirely of chalk and led to so-called “big head disease” in babies, meaning rapid growth of the head in relation to the body.

3. Industrial salt

For more than 13 years, this salt has been sold as table salt, although it can cause mental and physical ailments as well as disorders of the reproductive system.

    4. Green peas

    Avoid green peas produced in China at all costs, as they contain dangerous dyes. The law prohibits the use of this dye in food preparation as it has carcinogenic effects. However, the Chinese are not shy about using it.

      In conclusion, run like the plague from imported Chinese food! They come from a country with a high level of air and water pollution, and there’s also the risk of being loaded with pesticides and toxic chemicals! It is best to buy food locally and from reliable suppliers.

      5. Apple juice produced in China
      China is right at the top of the list of pesticide-producing countries that do not ensure adequate measures to check for pesticides, chemicals and other waste materials in food. Given that in the US, over 50% of imported apple juice comes from China, be careful when buying these products.

      6. Fake ginseng

      Ginseng root is a medicinal herb that has been used in Chinese medicine for millennia, but its price has risen rapidly as Chinese traders have chosen to boil it in sugar to make it heavier.

        Wei Fung, a Chinese medical expert at the National Institute of Chinese Quality Control, says this is a major problem because the procedure removes nutrients from the ginseng root.

        7. Soil sold instead of black pepper

        And this is also shocking for the whole world! In Guangdong province in China, a local vendor was reported selling soil instead of black pepper. The white pepper was also “made” from flour, but when the traders were caught by the authorities they said that their product did not kill anyone. Unbelievable!

          8. Plastic rice
          This artificial rice actually contains plastic, being made from potatoes and artificial synthetic resins! After boiling, the rice hardens and hardens excessively, resulting in an increased risk of illness. Regular consumption of this rice can even cause cancer.

          9. Fake sweet potato noodles
          Authorities in Zhongshan city have discovered at least 5.5 tons of fake noodles. In 2011, people started complaining that what was supposed to be sweet potato noodles tasted strange. Further investigation revealed that the noodles contained corn, paraffin and industrial ink that gave them a purple colour.

          10. Chemically treated pork sold instead of beef
          Because pork is cheaper, some restaurants in China sold it instead of beef – but not before “cosmetising” it.

          After just 90 minutes of marinating, pork treated with dyes, preservatives and beef flavouring became… beef. Doctors have advised people to avoid this product, which can cause slow poisoning, malformations and even cancer if consumed over a long period of time.

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