11 Curious Items From the Past With Functions That Are Too Hard to Guess

It is wrong to believe that individuals in the past were less creative than you and me. Their imagination was rich enough to produce a wide range of items, some of which were useful and others, well, very weird.

There was, for example, a reusable body washing pill that was also inherited. There were vehicle vases, an applause volume measuring gadget, a pocket sundial, a toaster fork, and other oddities.

Here you will find a small variety of vintage accessories, the purpose of which many modern people are unsure about at first appearance.

11. A car vase

10. A reusable cocktail pick

9. A device for dialing a rotary phone

8. A mechanical circular calculator

7. A hooked ice pick

6. Victorian ice cream spoon

5. A toy washing machine

4. A pocket sundial

3. A perfume flask necklace

2. “An egg shell topper cutter — found this under the floor of a nineteenth-century house.”

1. The Clap-o-Meter

Do you have any strange old things like this lying around your house?

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