46 Sister Tattoos That Will Warm Your Heart

Sister tattoos are, of course, for siblings but they can extend to close friendships that have stood the test of time. Matching sister tattoos are a way to celebrate your friendship and express your unconditional love. They also act as reminders of that love no matter how far apart the two of you might be. Each time you look at your sister tattoo, you are going to be filled with the peace of mind that you share it with someone who equally feels for you!

We wanted to discover the sister tattoos folks are getting so we turned to social media to get a better understanding of matching sister tattoos that celebrate sisterly love. We came across a host of designs that touched us in their sincerity and tenderness. We’d now love to share them with you in the hopes that some of these tattoo designs can inspire your very own sister tattoos.

Get Inspired by These Thoughtful and Tender Sister Tattoos!

Love You


“Love you most” and “Love you more,” these sister tattoos say. While these designs are similar the shading on the flowers is slightly different for each. It’s important to make sure your tattoo appeals to you on its own not just when you’ve got it next to your sister’s design.

Face to Face


How extraordinary is this very minimalist tattoo of two sisters’ faces? It looks both emotional and heartfelt as well as sophisticated and cool. Work with an artist who can capture both your likenesses and you will not regret it!

Two Sparkles


For sister tattoos, you don’t have to get overly sentimental or put too much thought into it. Something that you both like and can share is the name of the game. These tattoos are more symbols of shared love than anything else.

The Trio


These matching heart and roses tattoos belong to two sisters and a mom! If you want to get mom in on the ink action, you should ask. Simple yet elegant and beautiful, these are some winning designs.

Twinning with the Twigs


The color-coordinated shoes really did for us. These delicate twig tattoos in differing colors look fantastic and would be easy to hide should one of you need to.



Tarot tattoos are a huge trend today. We find two sisters with them here in contrasting sun and moon schemes. We think these would be really fun as sister tattoos and you could get really creative with them.

Bountiful Bouquets


Here’s another way to go about it. These sister tattoos are also nature-inspired with differing colors for added interest and personality. Get your sister’s favorite color tattooed on you and it will remind you of her each and every day!

Kid Sisters

Find a pleasant photo of the two of you and ask your artist to riff on it for you. We find these minimal line drawings of two sisters here which just looks so charming and sweet.

I & II


If you’re not looking to make a huge commitment, consider getting something as simple as Roman numerals. While it might be just a numeral to onlookers, these sister tattoos will be meaningful for both of you.

Do Your Thing


We find two Mandala-inspired sister tattoos here one with a sunflower and the other with a friendship-yellow rose. As you can see, the artist has completed both with plenty of care and made each design look so wonderfully special.

More Sun and Moon


Here are a couple of truly remarkable sister tattoos. One is a beautifully ornate sun with the words “energy never lies” written below. The other is an equally decorated moon with the words “trust your vibes” underneath. These are definitely words to live by!

You Make the Rules


If you and your sister dance to the beat of your own drum, get weird with it. We find matching sister tattoos here of a wolf and a penguin. These designs are likely very meaningful to these sisters but they are opaque for onlookers.

Double Roses


As we said with the star sister tattoos earlier, as long as you both love the design it does not need to be overly specific to feel meaningful. We find two line-drawing roses here with the word “sis” tattooed into each “stem.”

Nesting Dolls


A very good idea for sister tattoos is to get some nesting dolls with your BFF or sisters. These magical-looking dolls are so full of whimsy and that quality definitely translates into tattoo form.

Rainbow Koi


While most of the sister tattoos we have looked at thus far have been black ink, you can go the complete opposite direction. These sisters chose to go full-on color and their tattoos look like a blast.



Of all the sister tattoos we came across there were a ton of these pinky promise tattoos. We imagine that you and your sister are thick and thieves and you don’t even need to worry about those pinkies for kept promises but it’s a very cute sentiment!

Heart Anchors


How cute are these little hearts? We find each attached to an anchor which can symbolize so many things to so many people. If your sister is your rock, sister tattoos like these will be perfect for you two!

Stylish Butterflies


Wow! These butterfly sister tattoos look completely original thanks to the weird, wavy thing happening inside the wings. If you’re going to do something as common as a butterfly, it’s wise to make them unique somehow so that fit you.

Take My Hand


These sister tattoos are some of the most sentimental on the list. We find each carrying the promise to always be there. With just simple lines, you can have yourself designs that truly come from the heart.



Blue and orange are opposite each other on the color wheel but they look so good right next to one another! We love the sister tattoos that match but feature different colors because they express a degree of individuality. You’ll be happy with something similar, no doubt!

Bring It On


“Come what may,” these sister tattoos say. A touch sentimental but touching this simple message echoed is a great idea.



We love these sister tattoos because if you did not see them together, you would think it’s just a cool tattoo. But, together we see that they are flipped with the flames in black in one and skin tone on the other. That’s straight fire!

Children of the Moon


One of the best sayings that seems to say “never change” in a more poetic way is “stay wild moon child.” We find the saying in these two sister tattoos that look witchy and full of magic.

Bright Idea


Here are some really fun matching sister tattoos that find daisies growing inside a light bulb. It’s offbeat and fun and just the sort of thing you want from matching tattoos.



How smart do these two sister tattoos look? One completes the other but they are not too matchy-matchy. Each design has its own unique decorative elements that really stand out when the tattoos are next to one another. Bravo!



For nostalgic sister tattoos, think back to your childhood when you and your BFF loved to play with one another. What were some of your favorite activities? Clearly, this person loved spending time out on the swings with her bestie. How tender!

Citrus Sisters


These sister tattoos look amazing together but will still stun on their own. Any sort of nature-inspired design will serve you well. Aren’t these orange tattoos sweet?

Groovy Girls


How fun are these flower power “groovy” sister tattoos? We think they are a ton of fun and share a point of view. If you and your sister are a pair of groovy girls, you should totally do something similar!

Big & Little Dippers


We find two constellations in these sister tattoos. On the left, is the big dipper, which we must assume is for a big sister. On the right, we find the stars that make up the little one. How charming for a pair of stargazers!

The Lighthouses


Aren’t these lighthouse tattoos stunning? There’s so much going on that it’s hard to choose just a couple of things to point out. To start, the shading is absolutely gorgeous here giving the design plenty of texture. Further, there are geometric elements and pointed arrows that move the eye over the design. These two knocked it out of the park!

A Family Portrait


There’s just tons of sweetness in this tattoo of mom holding her two little girls. If you and your sister want to get something to celebrate your mother, something like this would absolutely be cherished for life.


Feel free to get weird with your sister tattoos. These two did and we must admit they are some of our favorites on our list. Yes, we love a good cat tattoo but when it’s shared between BFFs or sisters it’s even more precious!

To the Heavens and Beyond


The message, “I love you to the heavens and beyond… forever and ever,” is duplicated in these sister tattoos. The message sits above a flower for each which helps bring personality to these designs. It keeps them from being too matchy.

The Disney Girls


Did you and your bestie grow up loving to watch the same movie together? Perhaps it was a classic like The Lion King. Disney tattoos remind us of being kids which is why they are so very popular among adults. Timon and Pumbaa look fantastic here in silhouette for these sister tattoos!

Blue Dream


Watercolor tattoos are a huge trend at the moment so it came as no surprise to find sister tattoos that feature the cool style. Bleeding blue “paint” looks otherwordly on these two buggy tattoos.

Late Nights


“Tiny little coffee mugs for some late-night coffee drinkers!” the person who shared this image wrote. What a cute concept that really translated well.

Space Kitties


We don’t know why and we don’t care! Check out these kitty sister tattoos of a gray and pink cat both in space helmets. Aren’t they just the sweetest?

Red Will Do It

If you’re going to go all in, go all in! We find this pair with matching red butterflies up their necks. You’re lucky if you have a sister or bestie that’s this committed as most just want something small. Red always looks fantastic and we recommend using it over black ink!

For Luck


How about these super-fine lines for these tiny tattoos? They turned out extremely well. We imagine these sister tattoos bring good fortune.

These Two


We find “one of two” in a beautifully crisp font for these two sister tattoos. If you’re going to get script, make sure to take plenty of time to choose the one that’s going to look the most unique.

Ice Cream Dream


Ice cream is just the greatest thing on earth and these two know what’s up! We find two ice cream cones that are similar but not exactly the same for these dairy-loving friends. If you want to be reminded of the best days of summer with your sister, you should do something similar!



How darling are these sister tattoos of a peach stamp? Are these the cutest tattoos on this list? It’s a good possibility! Turn the mundane into something artful with unique designs.

Beaming with Pride


These sister tattoos are so special as they both express Pride. Just simple bars of rainbow color make these designs look so vibrant and full of self-acceptance. We live!

So Much Love


Of all the sister tattoos we saw, hearts were the most ubiquitous designs. And, we mean that in a good way! Hearts are symbols that express love and you don’t need to reinvent the wheel for great designs. We find two hearts formed from flowers in these very pretty tattoos.

The Prints


Among family tattoos, thumb prints worked into a heart shape are popular. It’s easy to see why. These tattoos look sweet and are very personal with an actual indexical image contained in each. It is a common design scheme but still a good one.

“A Hui Hou”


“A Hui Hou” is a Hawaiian phrase that means “until we meet again.” Did we save the best sister tattoos for last? We’ll let you be the judge of that but we do love the neon colors chosen for these and the sweet message!

There you go! What did you think of these sister tattoos? Do you want to share one with your best friend in life? We sure hope these matching tattoos inspired you to get some ink with someone you love to express just how much your bond means. Every single time you look at your sister tattoos, you are going to feel the love!

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