After Firefighters Rescue Puppies From Drain, Vet Rejects Them Because Of Firemen’s Single Mistake

What would you do if you heard a puppy’s distinct howl for its mother while strolling past a storm drain? If you had any affection for animals, you would undoubtedly look inside to see if there was an adorable animal that needed to be saved.

When two residents of Colorado Springs found themselves in that predicament recently, they acted just as such.

For the complete video, make sure to read this post through to the conclusion.

When the two responsible residents peered inside the sewer, they saw what appeared to be a dreadful situation: nine newborn puppies, all by themselves, were stranded there, wriggling and crying. In response, the residents called the Colorado Springs Fire Department right away.

When the valiant firefighters showed there, they were ready for a routine animal retrieval—something they perform frequently. Regretfully, despite their best efforts to preserve the puppies, their actions ended up doing more harm than good.

The firefighter carefully extracted the puppies from the couple of feet-deep sewer and placed them on a towel for protection. The firefighters transported them to the nearby animal shelter since their mother was still missing. The veterinary at the shelter broke some startling news to them!

Since red fox kits are supposedly black, the nine newborn puppies they brought to the animal shelter were actually nine wild red fox kits.

In the video below, Colorado Parks and Wildlife staffer Travis Sauder explains that red fox mothers typically give birth to their young in cramped outdoor locations. It’s not uncommon to stumble find these litters and other groups of young animals—especially in the spring, when most animals in the Colorado Springs area are tending to their young.

Never pick up a wild animal litter; always leave them alone!
It’s highly likely that their mother is nearby and hasn’t abandoned them. Both the mother and the litter will become upset if you disturb them or, worse, move them! Upon realizing their error, the firefighters promptly put the kits back where they had been found. To ensure that the mother does finally return, wildlife experts intend to check up on the litter on a regular basis. If not, they will be brought to a wildlife rehabilitation expert where they will be nurtured in captivity with the goal of eventually releasing them back into the wild.

You might not believe the story to be genuine because it is so unbelievable! Watch the video below to see for yourself. Ever come across a young wild animal?

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