After his son is called a “Monster,” an Idaho father gives bullies a harsh lesson.

Jackson’s birth diagnosis of Treacher-Collins syndrome is the one thing that sets him apart from other kids. It affects how the bones and face tissue grow.

Jackson’s case involves surgery to rebuild his eye socket, and as a result, he is virtually deaf.

He has also been the target of ongoing bullying at school from children and even some adults as a result of it.

His father in Idaho felt “destroyed” to learn that his son had been dubbed a “monster” at school.

After that, the distraught father had had enough and set out to make amends with his son’s abusers.

Jackson’s father Dan has observed this bullying on numerous occasions.

Walking down the street with his son, he recollects hearing a woman ask, “Did you see that little boy’s face?” as she passed them.

In general, Dan kept his cool and gave his whole attention to making sure his son was content and grounded—a difficult task for any parent to undertake when they see their child being tormented.

But Dan was compelled to speak up after a recent incident at school because he was unable to keep quiet.

Jackson Bezzant was having breakfast in the school cafeteria when three bigger males came up to him.

They started calling the child names like “monster” and “ugly.” Jackson sat there, defenseless, through the vicious taunting until a teacher’s assistant saw and stepped in to halt it before it became worse.

Dan was inconsolable at hearing the story, but things were far from over.

Dan was determined that this would be the last time Jackson was bullied, even though it had happened previously.

Dan would make it very evident to everyone who mistreated his son that enough was enough.

He was weary of seeing his little kid tormented, ridiculed, and degraded, so he hurried to Facebook to post an impassioned statement criticizing the bullies.

Dan stated:

People Magazine claims that Dan began by stating, “My soul feels like it’s ripping from my chest, and my heart is in pieces right now.”

“My son Jackson, who is really attractive, has to endure a constant barrage of naive comments and taunts. He is frequently called a monster, freak, and ugly by his peers. He makes suicide allusions at the age of eight!

He says he has no friends and that everyone despises him. Children hurl stones and assault him while shouting these derogatory remarks. Kindly pause to think about what you would do in this situation if your child were involved. Give your children a brief explanation about persons with impairments. Discuss empathy and love for one another with them.

His disease is known as Treacher Collins. even do some study on it. Dan added, “He’s undergone multiple horrifying surgery and will likely have more in the future.

Although some may hold the school or the teachers accountable for Jackson’s bullying, Dan refuses to place the responsibility on them and he doesn’t want others to either.

Rather, he wants to lay the responsibility where it rightfully belongs—on the parents who did not raise their children with respect, compassion, and acceptance.

“I hope my essay’s readers’ parents will understand how I feel. Kindly let your children know that bullying is not allowed. Please spread the word about this. Dan said, ‘Nobody should go through this.

Jackson has Treacher Collins syndrome from birth. As a result, people regularly criticized his appearance.

The uncommon disorder impairs the growth of facial tissues and bones, leading to inappropriate development and apparent deformities.

Tragically, he will require a lot more surgeries throughout his life.

After reading his message, Jackson’s schoolchildren contacted Dan and his family to make friends and look out for the youngster.

Even Jackson could connect with two nearby children who share the Treacher Collins syndrome thanks to Dan’s moving words. They’re going to get together now to have a playdate.

Dan set up a PO box for people to mail Jackson letters or cards after being overwhelmed by the support, and the box has been rapidly filling up ever since!

Reading Dan’s fervent Facebook plea and learning of Jackson’s abuse at the hands of other kids broke my heart. No one should tolerate bullying.

Many bullying incidents are certainly unintended; kids will sometimes comment on what they see without thinking about the implications or how they might make others feel. But as Dan showed, a little knowledge can stop much suffering.

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