All internet users laughed after the woman posted a picture with her 10-year-old boy dressed in diapers – her reason shook them

All internet users laughed after the woman posted a picture with her 10-year-old boy dressed in diapers – her reason shook them

For all those people who are struggling with an illness, whether it is easy or difficult, keep your head up and be strong! God watches over and takes care of everyone. It is true that life is not always beautiful, maybe sometimes it is not fair and it shows us that nothing is going well, but to win a fight you need continuous work, we must never give up! In this article, we tell you about a 10-year-old boy who is probably one of the strongest guys I’ve ever seen. He has a daily battle with the disease and his mother is there to help him. It’s so sad that sometimes people rush to judge before they get to know the story behind it.

Drake Medinger is a 10-year-old boy who did not have a very happy childhood. Drake was diagnosed with leukemia, which led to many changes in his life. Instead of spending time with children his age, playing with toys, being curious, and discovering new things, he had to go through treatments specific to the disease he was facing, such as chemotherapy and blood and bone marrow transfusions. At one point, after many treatments, Drake’s cancer went into remission, so they stopped chemotherapy, but half a year later the boy was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Again, his mother’s world collapsed. His mother posted a picture of Drake dressed in a diaper and many people reacted simply deplorably. They laughed and judged the mother for using pampers at Drake’s age. To them, not knowing what was happening, it seemed funny. For his mom, Jessica, was devastating. That is why we say that it is a very narrow custom to judge the book by its cover. His mother gave a reply to those who did this and said in a follow-up post:

“For those who suffer from these horrible diseases. Everything will become real, very difficult, and very fast. Before you start with “why would you post a picture of him in diapers”, the image I post this morning shows nothing more than a pair of briefs and because life is not always right and beautiful. Life is not beautiful and cancer destroys a person.”

Her message caused many reactions, many of them turned against those who were amused by Drake’s situation. Jessica continued saying that Drake was the reason for her smile, her love, and every heartbeat. He often can’t sleep because they are afraid of what might happen during the night, that Drake can’t get to celebrate his birthday. She will continue to support him and be with him forever, together in their own world. This mother deserves all the respect and appreciation for the power she has. Drake is a wonderful boy who deserves to heal and live a normal life. We hope and pray with all our hearts for the little boy to get well! Share this with your friends and family.

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