An Old Farmer Was Farming.

“There has been a wild Forest Man seen in the forest. He has little beady red eyes, and hair all over. Be careful, he might be dangerous”

The old farmer shrugged and continued with his farm.

About an hour later, the farmer spotted a very hairy man, with little beady red eyes hiding behind a bush at the edge of the forest.

At first, the farmer was worried for his life, but noticed how this forest man did not move, but just stared at the farmer.

The farmer thought maybe this forest man is not dangerous, maybe he could make friends with him.

The farmer cautiously approached the forest man (who was still hiding behind the bush), pointed at his farm and said “farm”, he points at himself and said “farmer” then pointed at his hoe and said “farming”.

The forest man did not move.

The old farmer got a little closer to him, and again, pointed at his farm and said “farm”, pointed at himself and said “farmer”, then pointed at his hoe and said “farming”.

The forest man remained behind his bush.

The old farmer, feeling bold, got even closer and repeated with his actions “farm”, “farmer”, “farming”.

This time the forest man got up and pointed at the fore/st behind him and said “forest”, he pointed at himself and said “forest man”, he pointed at the bush and said

“taking a sh!t”.

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