An Old Lady Was Given 3 Presents For Her Milestone Birthday

An old lady has 3 grown-up sons who each bought her a present for her milestone birthday.

The first son, who had made it big in life, bought his old mom a beautiful big house.

The second son bought his mom a fabulous big car.

The third son, knowing his elderly mother was very devout, searched and searched for something appropriate until eventually, he came across an extremely rare parrot that could recite the entire bible and explain all of its prophecies.

However, the bird was in Madagascar and what’s more, it was extremely expensive.

So after much thought, he decided to sell his house and car, travel, and buy the parrot for his dear old mom.

Sometime later the old lady is writing to her 3 sons.

To the first son, she writes:

“Thank you so much for the lovely big house, that was so kind. However it’s really too big for me, I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to sell it and buy a bungalow.”

To the second son, a similar letter was sent, saying the car was too big and would be exchanged for something smaller.

To the third son, she wrote:

“Ah, now you know what was closest to my heart, thank you so much for the chicken it was delicious!

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