BREAKING NEWS: Perry High School Closed Following Shooting Incident by Gunman

BREAKING UPDATE: The Principal who put his life on the line to save his students from a gunman has passed away.

As original reports stated, Principal Dan Marburger was one of the seven injured in the Iowa school shooting. Sadly, as new reports revealed, Marburger has succumbed to his injuries.

As Today reports, according to a Facebook post from his daughter, Claire, Marburger put himself in the line of fire in an attempt to “distract” the shooter so the students could run away. Marbuger suffered several gunshot wounds.

Claire continued, calling her father a “gentle giant,” an “amazing Dad, and just amazing person. […] He does anything for us kids, including driving 7 hrs round trip on school nights to catch my college games in Decorah. Stayed long enough to slip me a $20 tell me I played well, give me a hug, and head out.”

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds confirmed the principal’s passing in a statement shared on January 14.

“Our entire state is devastated by the news of Dan Marburger’s death. Kevin and I offer our deepest condolences to his wife and family as we pray for their comfort during this very difficult time. Dan courageously put himself in harm’s way to protect his students, and ultimately gave his own life to save them. He will forever be remembered for his selfless and heroic actions. May he rest in peace.”

UPDATE: New information is revealing that it was a 17-year-old student named Dylan Butler, who opened fire at Perry High School on January 4.

The shooting left five injured, including the principal, and one dead. The deceased has been identified as a student in sixth grade.

Butler then turned the gun on himself.

According to KOMO News, an investigation into the shooter has revealed that he posted several disturbing TikToks before bringing “a pump action shotgun, a small caliber pistol and an improvised explosive with intent to kill his classmates,” police revealed.

As KOMO reports, one of the TikToks shared on the now deleted account showed himself putting a backpack in one of the school bathroom stalls with the caption, “Now we wait,” as the song Stray Bullet played in the background.

According to CNN, Stray Bullet is the same “song cited by Columbine High School shooter.”

Breaking news coming out of Perry High School in Iowa.

According to reports, a gunman opened fire on the campus just before classes were set to begin. CNN reports it was Perry High School’s first day of school after winter break.

Immediate reporting states that the gunman is dead and that several others were injured. The identity of the shooter has not been made public as of noon on January 4.

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