Bubba’s Best Joke

When the mortician dropped the sheet covering the burned body, Darryl noticed the face had suffered significant fire damage.

He advised rolling it over to better identify who it was. After they turned it, he lamented that it wasn’t Bubba as expected.

The funeral director brought Gary in to see if he could identify this unexpected outcome because he was perplexed.

Gary sighed as he gazed down at the charred body, remarking, “He’s been burned to a crisp,” before suggesting they put him down.

However, when the mortician flipped the body over, Gary swiftly shook his head and remarked, “No, it isn’t Bubba.”

The mortician raised an eyebrow and inquired as to Gary’s certainty. “Well, for starters, everyone knew Bubba had two assholes, though I can’t say I’ve seen them with my own eyes,” Gary responded with a laugh.

He said that whenever they arrived in a new town, people would exclaim, “Look, here comes Bubba with his two assholes!”

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