Cher Responds After Being Accused of Hiring Men to Kidnap Her Adult Son

TMZ reports that Cher has filed a conservatorship to control access of her son, Elijah, finances.

According to TMZ, according to the documents filed on Wednesday, Cher claims Elijah, 47, is “substantially unable to manage his own financial resources due to severe mental health and substance abuse issues.” Elijah’s siblings, Cher’s two other children, also nominated Cher as the best person to be his conservator.


Cher also addresses Elijah’s estranged wife, who claimed Cher attempted to kidnap Elijah, saying Marieangela is “undermining” her husband’s attempts at getting help with substance abuse and mental health issues. A court date is set for March 2024.

More than a week after being accused of kidnapping her adult son, Cher is speaking out.

According to Access Hollywood, a representative for Cher slammed the accusations, telling the media company that there is “no truth to this.”


In a new court filing by her ex-daughter-in-law, pop legend and icon Cher has been accused of attempting to kidnap her adult son.

According to the latest reports, the court documents Marieangela King filed alleged that Cher hired four men in November 2022 to kidnap her son, Elijah Blue Allman. According to Mariangela’s recount, she and Elijah were celebrating their anniversary in a New York City hotel room when four men entered and “removed” him, according to the BBC.


Mariangela says she and Elijah were in that hotel room as part of their mission to repair their broken 9-year marriage. They had been in the hotel room for 12 days, she claims.

The couple filed for divorce two years ago in 2021. “I was told by one of the four men who took him that they were hired by [Mr. Allman’s] mother,” Mariangela wrote in the filing.

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Months prior to their rendezvous in the hotel room, Elijah had reportedly spent time at a medical treatment facility. Mariangela said she had no way of contacting him or seeing him during that time.

She further claimed in the filing that in the month after Elijah was removed from the hotel room, she still is currently unaware of my husband’s well-being or whereabouts,” claiming she is “very concerned and worried about him.”

Cher has not yet responded to these claims.


While it’s unclear why Elijah was seeking treatment, the BBC reports that he has been open about his struggle with drug use and addiction since he was as young as 11.

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