Chilling Encounter: ‘Werewolf’ Haunts Roadside for Months – What Happens Next Defies Belief!

Poor, balding, and all by one’s lonesome.

A “werewolf” had been waiting by the roadside for months.

His scales were hard, and his tail was broken and pointed.

What little remaining black fur he had sprang up on its own at the nape of his neck and was in disarray.

Facebook/ Bowe’s Adoptable Rescued Pups

The dog looked as though he hadn’t eaten in weeks; he was obviously in bad shape and couldn’t move around much.

Other from the fact that he had been spotted in an orchard in Madera Ranchos, California for some time, no one had any more information on the mysterious creature.

Because of the animal’s intimidating appearance, no one dared to get too close.

The unlucky canine was dubbed “Werewolf” since no one could identify him. They weren’t brave enough to find out for themselves.

Then, toward the month’s end, a motorist spotted him and jotted down a few words about him on Facebook.

Facebook/ Bowe’s Adoptable Rescued Pups

The lady stayed close to the dog until assistance arrived. Not long after that, Megan Bowe, another animal hero, arrived.

“I was about ready to cry when I saw how bad off he was,” Megan Bowe, founder of Bowe’s Adoptable Rescued Pup, tells The Dodo. “He was really on his last leg. He was depressed and could barely even stand up.”

The “werewolf” Megan had encountered was actually a German shepherd mix in very poor health.

It was her decision to give him the moniker “King.” Then she loaded him into her car and rushed him to the nearest emergency animal hospital.

King appeared relieved to have assistance and followed Megan without hesitation.

The veterinarian diagnosed King with multiple illnesses and wounds. His scabies, shattered pelvis, and broken tail were the gravest of his injuries, though.

King was just a year old, despite his advanced appearance.

“My vet thinks he got hit by a car, and that would explain how his tail was so messed up, too,” Megan Bowe says. “That injury happened months ago, because by the time I got him it had already started to heal incorrectly. And with such a damaged pelvis, he wasn’t able to get around very far on his own to look for food so he was extremely skinny and dehydrated.”

Megan isolated King in the garage to prevent the spread of his infectious ailments to the other animals she cared for.

She began King off on a low-calorie diet and built it up slowly so he could regain his strength and weight properly.

Before having surgery on his pelvis and tail, King needed all the help he could get.

In spite of his physical weakness and injuries, it was evident that the was thankful.

”He’s a super loving dog,” Megan says.

King seems to want to hug Megan, as he rests his head on her as she sits down.

Facebook/ Bowe’s Adoptable Rescued Pups

“He has been so calm and relaxed through everything,” Megan says.

King’s condition improved after about a month of treatment. They were able to cure his mange, and he felt like his old self again.

His pelvis and tail were surgically repaired a few weeks ago after he had recovered enough to undergo the procedure.

In addition, all procedures went smoothly.

The veterinarian advised regular walks to help King’s injured leg recover.

King will return to the doctor before the end of the month to get his sutures removed and see how well he is recovering. He may need surgery on his second hip once he has healed from the first two procedures.

King has come a long way in the past few months, and his efforts have made things appear considerably better than they were before.

There is a significant gulf between King and the feared “werewolf” of yore, though.

Megan claims that after a few months, King will be back to normal. After that, he’ll be open to being adopted.

While he waits, King is enjoying his new life to the fullest, complete with doggy ice cream, walks, and vehicle rides with the windows down.

Facebook/ Bowe’s Adoptable Rescued Pups

“He is happier than ever now,” Megan says.

She can’t fathom why someone would leave him for dead by the side of the road, weak and emaciated.

Facebook/ Bowe’s Adoptable Rescued Pups

“It’s hard to think that all those cars passed him by and never stopped. No one wanted to bring him home or help him because he looked so bad… But all it took was one person,” Megan says.

Taking that extra step can be the difference between being a coward or a hero in some situations.

Much appreciation to Megan and the rest of the animal-rights activists who never turn a blind eye to cruelty or neglect. Now King can live the happy, healthy life that every dog deserves.

Facebook/ Bowe’s Adoptable Rescued Pups

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