Chuck Norris Turns 81! Discover What Makes Him So Wonderful!

Chuck Norris, at 81, is not only Gena Norris’ husband, but also his best friend, confidant, and most ardent supporter. Following an unfortunate incident that drastically affected their lives, the beloved actor made a commitment that few in his industry would make: he gave up his Hollywood career to be with his girlfriend.

The actor and his wife have been married for over two decades and have two daughters. Chuck Norris dedicated his life to his wife and shown an unusual level of affection. In 2013, they would be dealt a terrible blow by fate. Chuck determined to drop everything and dedicate his entire focus to Gena Norris’ care after she became dangerously ill as a result of an MRI. Their love is unbreakable, and the actor has determined to pursue justice for his girlfriend in court, in addition to becoming her primary caregiver.

A shot that will change your life

The star of “Texas Ranger” talked about how his family’s life was flipped upside down after a routine injection administered to his wife prior to an MRI for rheumatoid arthritis in 2013. The adverse effects were severe, including painful neuralgia and kidney problems.

Chuck Norris claims that his wife’s health suffered as a result of an MRI, specifically from intoxication from the contrast chemical used in the procedure. The 54-year-old woman explained what happened that day in an interview with Hello! Magazine: “I felt my entire body burn a few hours after the injection, as if some type of acid had run through my veins.” The searing sensation was initially contained, but it gradually spread. I was in tremendous discomfort. I was in a hospital bed for five months due to kidney problems that required daily medical attention. Chuck slept next to me in the living room, asking for my survival so that we could raise our children.”

“I quit my job to devote more time to Gena.” Now I just have one goal: to save my sweetheart. Nothing is more important to me, so I’ve never regretted my decision,” the actor told Good Health magazine in 2017.

They had to spend a significant amount of money on therapies.

According to reports, Chuck Norris and his wife spent more than $ 2 million on recovery. The situation was exacerbated by doctors’ inability to determine what was wrong with Chuck Norris’ wife. The medical team suspected a malignant condition and performed a battery of tests and laboratory analysis to back up their findings. According to one version of the diagnosis, her symptoms were later connected to Parkinson’s disease.

After treatment, he was given therapy, but none of it worked. Following that, the actor and his wife attempted to determine what had caused their symptoms. They concluded that gadolinium, a heavy metal contained in the contrast agent used prior to MRI, was the primary cause of the illness. Following that, they had certified confirmation from a number of Nevada experts: gadolinium toxicity.

“It was a ridiculous and unjust result.” Prior to my illness, I had a wonderful life and was in great health. I was doing sports and eating a healthy diet, and then it was all gone. “I’m fighting for my life and experiencing extreme bodily discomfort,” Gena Norris told Hello! Magazine.

Chuck Norris vowed to atone for his actions by learning what happened to his wife and, more importantly, who was to blame. The well-known actor sued many medical companies, including the Italian conglomerate Bracco, claiming that the chemicals used in the MRI technology were to blame for Gena’s illness.

In 2017, the family filed a $ 10 million lawsuit, arguing that the firms should have notified patients about potential dangers and issues. “What happened to Gena cannot be changed. We’ve been fighting together for a few years, and now our goal is to prevent this from happening to future victims.”Chuck Norris, according to the Washington Post.

The two spouses dismissed the action against Bracco in January 2020. According to, the case was settled out of court, with each side agreeing to bear its own costs.

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