Couple Transforms 168-Year-Old Mansion – What They Discover Inside the Hidden Room Will Leave You Speechless!

Dan Anderson and his partner Sara have been repairing an 1852 historic home. The estate has had a rough couple of decades, with the last two years being unoccupied, abandoned, and vandalized. The construction is still sound, but it need work in several areas before it can completely shine again. However, the pair is determined to restore it to its former beauty.

Dan and Sara were working on the interior of the building when they discovered something they had no idea existed. A hidden room. When they looked inside, they discovered it was also packed of loot. A friend of the couple, intrigued by their discovery, posted images of their findings on Imgur, and they quickly went viral.

So far, little is known about the room’s origins, why it was hidden, or the cargo of bottles within. After all, it appears that no one has entered it since Prohibition!

It’s intriguing to imagine what more treasures might be hidden within the house’s walls. “This… mansion has an incredible, rich history, both locally and nationally,” the pair said on the project’s website. “The architecture is breathtaking and the enormity of the home simply can’t be captured with pictures alone.”

The two-story Greek Revival structure has a hipped roof with a cupola on top. The front facade has a tetrastyle portico that runs nearly the whole length of the facade. The portico itself is in the Corinthian order, inspired by Athens’ Tower of the Winds.

Aventine Hall was, interestingly, the main building of Luray College from 1925 to 1927. It was relocated to its current site in 1937 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970.

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