Despite religion being unpopular in Hollywood, Mark Wahlberg continues to be a devoted Catholic.

Mark Wahlberg has been very outspoken recently about his religious views, which he does not conceal.

On Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, the actor made an appearance on the Today Show. He talked with Savannah Guthrie throughout the interview on his decision to not force his religion on other people, particularly his kids.

“I don’t want to force my opinions on other people. I don’t as a result. This transgression is more severe.

“I won’t compromise on my principles, even though they are unpopular in my work.”

When they spoke, Guthrie, fifty-one, had ashes fashioned like a cross on his forehead.

Wahlberg emphasized that although most people think of fasting during Lent as depriving oneself of food, this isn’t always the case.

“There are numerous components to fasting,” he stated. “If you struggle with eating, it’s crucial to realize that there are other things to take into account. The things you should avoid are known to God. We’re all aware of the behaviors that deprive us of the good emotions we deserve.

“It’s about being able to separate from those things and focus on good habits rather than bad habits,” the author writes.
Wahlberg said that on Ash Wednesday, he would fast from meat and eat only one meal, a habit he’ll continue through Good Friday.

He also spoke about how Lent requires discipline, which has helped him.

“As I started getting into movies and jumping from music, I realized I needed a lot more discipline in my life, and that discipline has given me so many other things. I’ve been so abundantly rewarded for it, and I want to give it to others, whether by fasting, increasing one’s level of physical activity, putting aside other pursuits, or just spending more time with God in prayer or purposeful study.”

He still takes care to avoid forcing his opinions on other people. While he believes it is crucial to spread this faith, he also stressed to Guthrie that “it’s important to respect and honor them [and their beliefs] as well.”

Mark Wahlberg is one of my favorite actors. I can’t think of many renowned people who are so open about their faith.

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