Diver’s Astonishing Encounter with a Seal – What Happened When the Animal Grabbed His Hand

It was a special dive.
As a diver, you have the chance to make unique and beautiful discoveries. Thus, you can see the animals in their own habitat while being surrounded by an impressive environment. These are diver Gary Grayson’s motivations and why he started this hobby. He simply never expected to get so close to the animals in their natural habitat…

Gary and his diving buddy

On a particular day, as Gary and his diving companion ventured into the underwater realm, they were surprised by the sudden appearance of seals. This was an extraordinary sight, as seals typically keep their distance. Both divers had always adhered to the principle of respecting wildlife and not causing any disruption. Consequently, Gary and his diving partner opted to remain exceptionally calm and silent.


Animals often appear somewhat uncoordinated when navigating on land. They may stroll along the shoreline, occasionally stumbling over rocks rather awkwardly. However, these charming animals exhibit remarkable grace when submerged in water. They are fast and can make unexpected moves. Something Gary and his diving buddy were well aware of.

Seals are known to be curious animals. However, cute animals have another side. They can be aggressive. Especially in new and unfamiliar situations. As a result, the two divers very carefully and calmly tried to conjure up their underwater camera. What the seals did then, the two never expected.


When Gary and his diving buddy picked up the camera, they noticed something. The seals were young. When they are born, the seals stay with their mother for four months. Then they independently explore the underwater world. Therefore, the cubs were extremely curious about the two-legged creatures. For the animals, it was probably their first time seeing humans. They continued to circle the divers until one sprung into action. The animal decided to come closer.

Surprising behavior
The divers were surprised that the animal came so close. When the seal then proceeded to nibble Gary’s gloves, affectionately and playfully, they were amazed. This was a unique situation for divers. They even caught it on camera.

A special bond
It is not normal for seals to get used to people quickly. Animals normally need some time to get used to people. This was not the case with Gary at all. The animals didn’t want to leave Gary alone anymore.

In particular, the small animal that approached by itself began to approach Gary. The seal rubbed its nose against Gary’s mask, squeezing his hand constantly. It almost seemed as if the creature approved of the divers. Gary, in turn, began to tickle the seal’s belly. Something he didn’t expect to be able to do.

Being lucky enough to have a camera with them, Gary and his diving buddy were able to capture the whole scene. The video of the animals playing with Gary went viral. Now was the time for Gary to spread a clear message. He wants to raise public awareness about the future of the underwater world. Nature is beautiful and impressive, but at the same time it is a victim of pollution and abuse. Let’s face it, when you see these photos, could you imagine that someone would want to harm these animals?

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