Exclusive Update: Mary Lou Retton’s Daughter Breaks Her Silence on Her Mother’s Health Crisis

McKenna Kelley, Mary Lou Retton’s daughter, has provided a positive health update following a life-threatening health scare. Retton’s children stated in early October that the former Olympic gymnast was suffering from a severe form of pneumonia. Retton’s family quickly began a crowdsourcing campaign to help with her medical expenditures. They also disclosed that when Retton became ill, she had no medical insurance. On October 11, McKenna issued a statement stating that, while Retton was hospitalized and in the intensive care unit, she was receiving excellent medical care. McKenna also expressed gratitude to Retton’s friends, some of whom had contributed roughly $460,000 to her medical expenditures.

Sasha Farber, who danced with Retton on Season 27 of “Dancing with the Stars,” also provided fans with an update. “I’ve been talking to her today, and she’s fighting,” Farber said on October 10 to Entertainment Tonight. “She’s on the verge of giving up, but I’m sending her videos of her dancing and telling her, ‘There’s only one Mary Lou Retton.'” ‘You got this!'” Farber also revealed that Retton had intended to have lunch with him before she became ill, but his business duties prevented him from doing so. “But I just mean, you know, you’ve got to see the people [you care about],” Farber said. Retton, on the other hand, is finally improving, which means she and Farber might get their lunch date after all.

Mary Lou Retton is out of the hospital

McKenna Kelley said on October 23 that Mary Lou Retton is recovering from pneumonia in the comfort of her own home. “My mom is HOME & in recovery mode,” Kelley said on Instagram. “We still have a long road of recovery ahead of us, but baby steps.” Kelley also expressed gratitude to her mother’s supporters before concluding her address with another wave of applause. “Thank you Jesus, thank you doctors & nurses, thank you to this loving community,” she went on to say.

While news of Retton’s recovery has elicited enthusiastic reactions on social media, she has also faced significant hostility. Despite not knowing Retton’s specific financial situation, many fans believe she should have been able to cover her own expenses. “So, Mary Lou Retton was circling the drain a few days ago, and now that her daughters have raised over $400k, she’s miraculously recovering?” “All so her daughters don’t take a cut of her inheritance because she chose not to have health insurance?!?” one user tweeted.

Retton has yet to make an official remark.

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