Experiencing Regular Night Awakenings? You Could Be Undergoing a Spiritual Awakening!

Normally, you would be soundly dozing off and forgetting about your everyday concerns. But, if you discover that you wake up between three and five every morning, it can indicate a problem with negativity.

This is when everything should be in a deep state of rest, as it coincides with the lowest body temperature. It could be difficult if you find yourself waking up frequently during these times. Do you usually wake up between three and five in the morning?

It should be noted that the “Witching Hour,” when eerie occurrences frequently occur, occurs between 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning. This time frame is linked to experiencing a “Awakening” or perceiving enigmatic energies.

Once more, at this time, the Lungs Meridian—which is thought to be the most “magical” and connected to a feeling of freedom—is awakened. This activation may be linked to anxiety caused by challenges or a longing for emancipation.

Now that you know what the “Witching Hour” is, think about whether you are experiencing worry or if evil spirits are at work in your life. Before continuing, it is imperative that you comprehend this.

While many like to get up during this hour to welcome the new day, some deliberately arrange to wake up later. Should you discover that you routinely wake up during these hours, even when it is not your preferred time, it could be a sign of a problem with the Large Intestine Meridian. Do you have any health issues associated with this meridian, such as allergies, hemorrhoids, or constipation?

Furthermore, according to the Chinese Element System, the Metal Element—which governs the body’s detoxification system—is connected to the Large Intestine Meridian. What must you relinquish? What worries you? Why is your meridian aggressively purging negativity from your body?

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