For 20 years he had some very strange neighbors, who never left the house.

The people in your neighborhood can be strange at times. The same thing happened in this scenario.

A Reddit user described his scary experience as if it were straight out of a horror film.

The man in question has lived with the strangest of neighbors for the past 20 years. He never spoke to the nearby household because the residents of the house were more isolated.

“They acted weirdly, and no one in the book had any idea what was wrong with them, what they were doing, how they were living, or how they were behaving. They didn’t say anything to me, and we’ve noticed that I don’t leave the house very often “, the user claims.

When the family moved out, the house remained unoccupied and uninsured, and the doors were left open. The man went inside with some of his friends to see how those people lived.

What did he discover? There were heaps of rubbish, rotten food, and feces in every room. Mold had covered all of the walls. The images reflect the atrocities faced by those suspicious neighbors.

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