Grandma shares beautiful piece of advice

Our elders frequently become our guiding light in times of doubt or trouble, giving their knowledge. In this story, a grandma teaches her granddaughter a simple yet important lesson during a difficult period in her life. While the original author of this story remains unknown, its message is universal since it hits on a timeless reality.

The young woman approached her grandmother, feeling overwhelmed and unsure of her next steps. Her grandmother responded with a carrot, some eggs, and coffee beans. She explained to the young lady that these items represented the three values she needed to thrive: resilience, faith, and flexibility. She could weather any storm with these qualities.

The grandma walked her to the kitchen and started three pots of water on the stove, bringing them to a boil. She put carrots in the first pot, eggs in the second, and coffee beans in the third, and let them simmer quietly.

The grandmother eventually turned off the heat. She took out the carrots and placed them in a bowl, then the eggs, and last the made coffee in a cup.

“Carrots help with clarity of vision,” the grandmother added, pointing to each. Eggs are good for your brain. And what about coffee? It energises your spirit.”

She then inquired about her granddaughter’s observations. The young lady responded by listing carrots, eggs, and coffee. The grandma instructed her to feel the softened carrots before peeling an egg to disclose its hard inside. Finally, she let her granddaughter enjoy the aroma and flavor of the coffee. The granddaughter, intrigued, enquired about the lesson behind this.

When faced to the same difficulty – boiling water – each of these goods reacted differently, according to the grandma. The once-firm carrots melted, the fragile egg hardened, and the coffee beans? They changed the water itself.

This story serves as a reminder that different obstacles shape us in different ways, and it is up to us to choose whether we soften, harden, or transform our surroundings.

The grandma asked her granddaughter a probing question: “In the face of adversity, are you a carrot, an egg, or a coffee bean?”

“Am I like the carrot, appearing robust but withering under pressure?” the granddaughter mused. Do I lose my vitality when confronted with life’s challenges? It reminds me of those who begin strong but become frail when faced with adversity.”

“Or am I like the egg, which is malleable at first but hardens with heat?” Has my previously adaptive spirit become rigid as a result of heartbreak, financial difficulties, or other life challenges? It’s like individuals who start out with a sensitive heart but become hard after going through life’s trials.”

“Perhaps on the outside, I remain unchanged, but inside, have I grown bitter and tough, with a spirit that’s no longer receptive?”

The coffee bean, on the other hand, not only survives but also alters the boiling water. Even under the most trying conditions, the bean elevates itself and its environment. When things are rough, it thrives the greatest.

“In life’s boiling pot, are you the carrot, the egg, or the coffee bean?” asked the grandma. This story made me think about how I handle life’s challenges. So, how about you? Share this story with your friends and family to discover how they perceive themselves!

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