Heart-Stopping Moment: Husband Watches Wife on Life Support, But She Shocks Everyone by Shouting, ‘Get Me Out of Here!’

Choosing to withdraw a loved one from life support can be one of the most difficult decisions a person ever faces, especially if the prognosis is not hopeful. Ryan Finley was left with this big responsibility after his wife Jill went into a coma.

Ryan found Jill unconscious and unresponsive. In the crucial seconds before the paramedics arrived, he did everything he could, including CPR and prayed for her recovery.

Despite knowing the odds were stacked against her, Jill’s heart was weak and her breathing was shallow, but Ryan refused to give up on her. Thankfully, paramedics arrived in time and were able to revive her.

She was rushed to Oklahoma Heart Hospital and treated with a specialized cooling suit. The most important thing was to protect her brain from further harm caused by oxygen deprivation. As a result of her condition, she became unconscious.

Despite the bleak prognosis from the medical team, Jill’s partner, Ryan, clung to hope and resorted to prayer. He prayed even as the days passed and he was told that recovery was unlikely.

However, he was eventually urged to consider allowing Jill’s life support to be removed.

Ryan’s diary entry for today depicts his agony and hardship. He explained the agony of having to make the heartbreaking decision to let Jill go.

Finally, weighing her wants, he decided to let her go rather than prolong her misery.

As the family gathered to say their final goodbyes to Jill, the machine was turned off, and the doctors informed them that she would not die fast since she was experiencing the “final rally.”

Jill began mumbling and expressing her desire to visit her favorite Mexican restaurants, Ted’s or Melting Pot, during this time, before asking her husband to drive her away. Ryan was heartbroken, but he knew Jill would come through.

Fortunately, Ryan’s optimism paid off, and Jill survived, undergoing heart surgery and a protracted recuperation period that allowed her to breathe independently for the first time.

Jill had no memories of her coma period, despite her amazing recovery, though she did have challenges with her short-term memory and speaking specific words and phrases.

Jill’s miraculous recovery was made possible by cutting-edge medical technology as well as her family’s love and support.

Despite the adversity, Jill’s fortitude gave her a second chance at life, giving her and her loved ones a deeper appreciation for each day.

Despite suffering from coronavirus, Jill’s prayers were granted as she progressively healed after being on a ventilator for an extended period.

Despite losing her husband and sister to the virus, the 65-year-old grandmother was given a second chance at life. Her overall health was satisfactory, and she was eager to seize this opportunity.

Jill and her daughter, who had been by her side during the difficult time, were overjoyed that their bond remained as strong as ever.

Jill claims they now enjoy every minute and value their time together more than ever. Seeing her loved ones surrender to dreadful cancer put everything into perspective for Jill, who no longer takes anything for granted.

You can learn more about Jill’s extraordinary story by watching the video below. Remember to share this inspiring story with your friends and family on Facebook!

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