Her husband controlled her appearance all her life

Show me a man who controls his wife’s appearance, and I’ll show you a man whose wife is dissatisfied.

Charlotte Guttenberg had long dreamed about getting inked. Nevertheless, her spouse forbade it. He already has an idea of “what a woman should look like,” and Charlotte followed his orders because she wanted to be a good wife.

“I’ve always desired body art. My hubby… prohibited me from getting inked. His entire plan was that no woman would get a tattoo. I still wanted one, though,” replied Charlotte.

Yet, Charlotte knew exactly what she intended to accomplish when her husband passed away ten years ago.

Charlotte says of her first tattoo, “That was a life-defining step for me. “I have meaning associated with each tattoo I have. They all merge into a narrative.

Charlotte currently holds the Guinness World Record for the senior female with the most tattoos. She is 67 years old. She is covered over 92% of her body. Charlotte met Charles Helmke, her future husband while getting her tattoos done; the process took ten years to complete. For a senior male, Helmke now holds the Guinness World Record for most tattoos. It’s the perfect union!

To find out how they look, keep reading!

As a birthday present to herself, I got my first tattoo in September of 2006, claims Charlotte. “I had always desired tattoos and it hadn’t been possible until that time to obtain one.”

In November 2006, while Charlotte was having a tattoo applied, “we met at the tattoo studio,” recalls Charles. She was having difficulty sitting in the chair and had been there for a while. I sat next to her and chatted with her to help her forget about it, and that was sort of the beginning of it.

A few months or so passed, and we reconnected. We had a small coffee in a park, and I gave her a big Hollywood kiss. She then followed me home, and it was over.

Charlotte said, “Charles quickly piqued my interest, and despite my best efforts to hide it, that only lasted a few months!

“Because we are able. No one can get more than they want; the only restriction is your own desire. They say, “That is up to the individual. Despite the fact that they are completely different, we both have body suits with an Oriental and Spiritual theme. Each of us wants our tattoos to communicate a particular tale. We both seem to have a lot to say.

“Some unpleasant and disrespectful remarks have been made, especially on social media, but we both think it speaks more about the offender than it does about us. We don’t want to impose our artwork on anyone because many individuals are against tattoos for religious and cultural reasons, as we have stated. Please have a look at it if you want to. Otherwise, don’t. No additional reaction is required from us.

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