Hot peppers can save thousands of lives in a minute!

Dr. John Christopher and Dr. Richard Schulze, two excellent naturopaths, discuss a lot of time talking about the health benefits of hot peppers!

In my 35 years of practice, I have never lost a patient to a heart attack, and the reason for this is that anytime I am called to such an emergency, if the individual is still breathing, I immediately begin treatment.

I offer him a cup of hot pepper tea to drink (1 teaspoon to a cup of hot water).

The patient is up and about in a matter of minutes. Cayenne pepper has a balancing effect on blood pressure from head to toe, according to Dr. Christopher.

It increases the pressure on the bleeding spot, making it easier for the blood to clot. If the individual

Put a few drops of hot pepper extract (tincture) under the patient’s tongue if he or she is unconscious.


cayenne pepper powder (red pepper);

2 cayenne peppers, fresh

50 percent alcohol (vodka is a good choice);

1 container made of glass (1 liter).

Preparation method:

  1. Fill a quarter of the glass container with cayenne pepper powder, then top with enough alcohol to completely cover the powder.
  2. Combine the two fresh cayenne peppers with enough alcohol to get a sauce-like consistency.
  3. Fill the container to three-quarters capacity with the mixture.
  4. Fill the bottle with alcohol all the way to the top and close it tightly. Shake the bottle several times throughout the day to ensure that the contents are well mixed.
  5. Allow the tincture to soak for around 28 days before straining the mixture through gauze.

Keep the product in a dark bottle in a dry, dark location.

In a patient who has truly had a heart attack, 5 to 10 drops of this tincture should be administered.

In 5 minutes, add another 5-10 drops. Rep the therapy till the person’s issue is resolved.

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