I ruined my son’s wedding and don’t have an inch of regret! Am I wrong for feeling this?

A mother posted on Reddit about how she destroyed her son’s wedding and how she doesn’t regret it. However, she is curious as to whether her actions were appropriate or whether she made a mistake.

Specifically, her son Mike had a prior marriage. Tommy is the boy he and his ex-wife welcomed into the world.

Tommy had Down syndrome from birth, and Mike abandoned him and his spouse not long after. Most importantly, he declined to speak to or see his now-ex-wife or son. He never gave the boy anything.

When Mike’s mother found out that he was taking a second wife, she thought it was time to take action because her family was upset with him for abandoning his son. The mother only wanted Mike to take care of Tommy; she didn’t really care if he decided to have a new family.

Therefore, on the day of Mike’s wedding, right before he and his future wife said “I do,” Tommy’s mother carried him into the church and revealed the truth about Mike’s mistreatment of his son.

Mike’s fiancée was perplexedly listening. She was clearly in shock at finding out the truth about the man she was going to marry.

She and her family exited the church shortly after she threw her bouquet at him.

Shortly after, Mike’s mother departed, and the next day, her cousin Liam informed her that Mike had become enraged and had displayed a range of emotions in front of the bewildered guests.

“Now I’m not sure if my choice to ruin the wedding was the right one,” Mike’s mom posted. She added that it wasn’t her intention to ruin her son’s wedding in the first place, she only wanted to teach him a lesson and make him take responsibility for Tommy and his actions, but that she doesn’t regret that the wedding didn’t take place.

“It may seem like I went too far, but I think it was important to bring attention to how bad Mike’s neglect was,” the woman wrote.

“I hope this interruption wakes him up so he can change his ways and be there for Tommy as a dad,” she concluded and asked Redditors AITA.

What are your thoughts on this?

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