I’m going to miss “Crocodile Dundee”

After receiving a diagnosis of the inflammatory condition retroperitoneal fibrosis, Paul Hogan, 83, opened up about his deteriorating health in an interview.

After dealing with muscle loss and drastic weight loss, the frail-appearing actor said to Sunrise hosts Natalie Barr and David Koch that he is regaining his vigor.

In an interview on Tuesday, he claimed, “I had a kidney complaint and the treatment was worse than the ailment and it sort of shriveled me.”

But now I have my strength back,” he said.

Hogan continued, “I can eat anything I want and I can’t put it back on, but I’m strong again.” He also claims to have “zero body fat.”

After his crippling ailment wrecked his health and rendered him too feeble to perform simple things on his own, Hogan recently confessed that he is yearning to spend his remaining years in Australia.

He acknowledged to A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw the disastrous impact on his health has left him wanting to leave Los Angeles and return to the relative serenity of his home country.

He stated he had struggled with muscle atrophy and severe weight loss after being diagnosed with retroperitoneal fibrosis, a rare illness where inflammation and substantial scar tissue occurs in the abdominal cavity.

The actor disclosed that a benign tumor had encircled his abdominal aorta and compressed a kidney.

I’ve improved, I guess. I had an issue with my kidney’s aorta, and the procedure cured it, but it made me smaller,’ he claimed.

‘I just… I lost all of my body fat, my muscles shriveled, and my strength never returned since it made me weak. I ask Chance to help me open jars.

Many of my diet-conscious pals despise me because I try to eat anything greasy and lardous you can imagine, he continued. all things they are not permitted to possess. I am unable to gain any weight.

The actor had a benign growth that required corticosteroids to shrink, but he now needs to build back up his strength after the health issue significantly altered the shape of his body.

Hogan claimed that the sickness was worse than the steroid therapy.

According to Hogan, “They reduce your muscles and [are] intended to make you fat, but I became thinner and thinner and thinner.”

Because having little body fat makes you feel the cold too much, I’m now trying to put on a little weight.

Hogan has a pacemaker currently and claims he is “being held together by string” while he works to regain his health.

The Golden Globe winner acknowledged that he is fortunate to have remained healthy for so long and claimed that he always “kept” his fitness up until the age of 79.

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