Little Girl Keeps Falling Asleep In Class, But Her Answers Astonish The Teacher

On occasion, school can be dull. As a student, I bet you slept off some of the lectures you didn’t particularly enjoy.

That occurred far too frequently to a girl called Mary Margaret.

The Catholic educator wanted to know Mary Margaret’s thoughts on her tendency to take naps during class.

The replies she received, though, were completely unexpected. You will adore reading the story that follows.

Catholic school was not the best place for little Mary Margaret to learn since she often dozed off.

While she was fast asleep one day, her nun instructor paid her a visit.

“Tell me Mary Margaret, who created the universe?”

As soon as Mary Margaret remained motionless, her little pal Johnny, who was seated behind her, grabbed his pencil and poked her in the back.

“God Almighty!” Mary Margaret shouted.

After saying, “Very good,” the nun resumed her lesson.

“Who is our Lord and Savior?” the Nun eventually asked Mary Margaret.

However, Mary remained still in her slumber.

Johnny rescued her once more and sent Mary Margaret to the last place.

Mary Margaret yelled out, “Jesus Christ!!!”; the nun repeated, “Very good,” and Mary Margaret went back to sleep.

Thirdly, the nun wanted to know…“What were Eve’s words to Adam following the birth of her twenty-third child?”

Once again, Johnny stepped in to help.

“If you stick that damn thing in me one more time, I’ll break it in half!” Mary Margaret yelled this time.

The nun fainted.

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