Melissa Gilbert left Los Angeles for a simple cottage life in the Catskills

It’s amazing to watch young actors develop right before our eyes. We support them as they rise to fame, believing that we are responsible for their accomplishments. Melissa Gilbert, who portrayed the adored Laura Ingalls in the classic television series Little House on the Prairie, is one such extraordinary talent.

Melissa was placed for adoption by her birth parents, who at the time had three children from prior marriages, when she was born in Los Angeles, California, on May 8, 1964.

Fortunately, she was able to find a caring home with actress/dancer Barbara Crane and actor Paul Gilbert, her adoptive parents. Melissa’s interest for the entertainment world began with them.

Melissa made appearances in advertisements and had small roles in movies including The Miracle Worker and The Diary of Anne Frank before securing her position on Little House on the Prairie. She kept acting in other roles in addition to her job on the show.

She has acted in Secret and Lies, The Night Shift, and the short film One Smart Fellow in recent years. Melissa is a gifted writer as well, and in her autobiography Prairie Tale: A Memoir, she discusses her experiences in the entertainment business.

Melissa reflects on her time spent filming Little House on the Prairie and smiles at the good times she shared with the other members of the cast and crew. She became attracted to the idea of being a girl living on a farm since it looked thrilling to her at the time.

Indeed, Melissa decided to move out of Michigan and into a new house in New York with her actor-director husband, Timothy Busfield. They even bought a hunting cottage, thought about having goats and horses in the barn, and started keeping poultry. Though the pandemic sadly derailed their ambitions, they haven’t let go of their love of country living.

Today, Melissa and her spouse relish their idyllic days spent in their comfortable Catskills cabin. The location needed a lot of work, but they took the obstacles head-on and were committed to making it into a cozy home. After removing everything that the previous owners had left behind, they dealt with problems like mildew and rodent infestation. They installed red vinyl chairs, refinished the cupboards, and now have a wood stove to keep the house toasty.

Melissa and Timothy, who reside in the Catskills, have embraced the fulfilling endeavor of cultivating their own fruits and vegetables. Melissa smiles as she tackles every task and finds comfort in her home’s tranquility. She relishes a cup of tea at the end of each day and feels a feeling of satisfaction from leading a simple life in balance with the natural world.

Melissa Gilbert never fails to enthrall and inspire crowds with her iconic performances as Laura Ingalls or her contented life in the Catskills.

Her transition from Hollywood to a modest cottage life serves as an example of the benefits and pleasures of embracing the peace and beauty of nature that surround us. Let’s tell our loved ones and friends about her motivational tale on Facebook!

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