Michael Gambon, Harry Potter Actor, Dead At 82

Sir Michael Gambon, the award-winning Irish-English actor best known for his memorable performance as the intelligent, all-knowing Professor Dumbledore in the “Harry Potter” film series, has died. Gambon was also noted for his parts in “The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover” and “The King’s Speech” in addition to being a staple in the magical film franchise.

On September 28, Gambon’s public relations business verified the sad news on behalf of his family in a public statement. “Michael died peacefully in hospital with his wife, Anne, and son Fergus by his bedside, following a bout of pneumonia,” the statement said before requesting “privacy at this painful time,” according to the BBC. He was 82 years old at the time.

Following his death, many people are reflecting on the gifted thespian’s remarkable career and the impact he had on the business. “You just do it,” Gambon told The Guardian in 2014 on how he always managed to cry on set. “That’s what acting is.”

Michael Gambon got his start in theater

Michael Gambon began his career as a stage actor, honing his technique at the National Theatre Company under renowned actor and director Laurence Olivier. “He was one of my’old boys’ from the National.” I began with almost walk-on parts for him. “He’s a very important actor now,” Laurence said of Gambon’s sudden climb to stardom in 1987 to the New York Times.

Gambon won four British Academy Film Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and three Laurence Olivier Awards during his long career. Still, Gambon was convinced that it wasn’t until he played Professor Dumbledore in J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series that his fame truly became clear. “It’s very odd,” Gambon said to Today after the film’s premiere in 2009. “I hadn’t realized how powerful these things are until now.” I just finish the work and go home, and you forget about it.”

In February 2022, Gambon announced his retirement, revealing to London’s The Sunday Times that his decision stemmed from some ongoing memory issues he was suffering from. “It’s a horrible thing to admit, but I can’t do it,” he divulged. “It breaks my heart. It’s when the script’s in front of me and it takes forever to learn. It’s frightening.”

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