Miranda Lambert’s Exciting News: Baby Plans Revealed as 4th Anniversary with Brendan Approaches!

While she was married to Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert shed twenty pounds, to the delight of her husband. Later on, she fell in love with a policeman who helped her learn how to love herself. Her spouse tells her she’s the most beautiful woman, cooks, and shows him care.

Before turning thirty in 2013, Miranda Lambert put in a lot of work over the course of four months to shed several pounds. By her birthday on November 10, 2013, the country music artist had lost a dress size, altered her diet, and worked with a trainer!

She also watched the quantities of her meals and drank store-bought squeezed juice in the morning in an effort to reach her goal weight. Lambert brings her trainer with her on tour to help her stay focused on working out.

They kept things basic with aerobic and circuit training, though, and didn’t take any significant risks. The celebrity also disclosed how they performed lunges, used resistance bands, and all the other unpopular but effective exercises.

The singer was still wed to her 37-year-old husband, fellow country music artist Blake Shelton, at the time. Lambert recalled that although he was delighted with her as she was, he supported her decision to lose weight.

“I have never had an issue with the way you look at any point in time; you are beautiful to me at every size,” he remarked. However, he is pleased with my diligence in this. He boasts about me. I feel so good about that.

After two years, the singer was happy with her accomplishment of losing 20 pounds thanks to portion management. She was insecure and fearful of criticism and “looking bad,” just like everyone else, but she was also dissatisfied by the way she appeared at the time.

Interestingly, the country music singer didn’t seem content during those years—her biggest hits revolve with heartbreak and retaliation. Sadly, Lambert and Shelton went through a difficult divorce in 2015.

Shelton met Gwen Stefani, his future wife, while working on “The Voice” in the same year that they were divorced. In October 2020, after being with the country singer for five years, Stefani had recently divorced Gavin Rossdale.

While Lambert took a little longer to find her happy ending, she too was able to move on and find happiness, unlike Shelton. The singer got to know and fell in love with a government employee.

Finding Real Love with a Police Officer Following a Tough Shelton Divorce
By October of 2019, Lambert was happily engaged to her partner and prepared to release her seventh studio album, “Wildcard,” on November 1st. She acknowledged in an interview that she had secretly wed 28-year-old former New York Department of Police (NYPD) officer Brendan McLoughlin.

The 35-year-old singer talked about how she felt like she had experienced enough life events to know exactly what she didn’t want when talking about her surprise wedding. She was determined to get what she wanted and would not let it go.

In November 2018, while Lambert was promoting her Pistol Annies music on “Good Morning America,” the star and the policeman got to know one another. If there was such a thing as “love at first sight,” the singer concurred.

The country musician took to social media three months after meeting McLoughlin to reveal they’d married on a farm on January 26, 2019, outside Nashville, Tennesee. Lambert said she chose to keep the news secret because her love life had constantly been scrutinized.

She explained how her wedding to Shelton had been a big one and in the public eye, and so was their divorce. From that relationship, she learned that her love life was hers alone, and with McLoughlin, she chose to keep things private for as long as possible.

Being married to the former policeman brought joy to Lambert’s life, and she also learned to have a new take on her looks. The anxieties she’d experienced in the past about her body disappeared when she fell in love with McLoughlin.

Miranda’s Husband Made Her Feel Happy in Her Natural Body
Lambert was healthier and happier than ever in 2020, and her husband had much to do with that. The star was also grateful to leave behind any drama and was now able to accept herself and embrace living a life filled with music, love, and good food, with her stating:

“I feel most sexy when I feel happy.”

The songstress confessed to having spent all her life being all sizes and struggling with her weight. McLoughlin’s wife said being 5’4″ in height meant her weight showed quickly on her, but she was now in a “comfortable place” and content with her size.

He [Brendan McLoughlin] said he was eager to celebrate more birthdays with her [Miranda Lambert] and declared his love.
She shared how she was a size six, depending on the day. Lambert explained how she didn’t like worrying about her body while on stage because she didn’t give her best performances while being distracted by her insecurities.

The star was now spoilt by her husband, who cooked for her. In October 2022, the country star shared a video of her husband’s homemade dinner and described herself as a “lucky lady.”

Being in the kitchen seemed to be McLoughlin’s domain, as in November 2021, he was recorded preparing a meal for his wife for their date night. The former policeman was dressed in a monogrammed chef’s jacket as he showed off his skills.

In November 2022, Lambert’s husband shared several Instagram photos of them to celebrate her 39th birthday. He said it was an honor to be her husband, and showing how happy he was with how she looked, he described her as “the most beautiful person inside and out.”

McLoughlin shared how his wife had the biggest heart, which she showed daily through her love of animals and others. He said he was eager to celebrate more birthdays with her and declared his love.

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