Mom Admits She’s Only Buying Christmas Presents for One of Her Children and Explains Why

“I’m only buying one of my kids Christmas presents,” Tiffany Chesson said as she began her TikTok video. Chesson, who recently became a mom of two, is going viral after she revealed she is only going to buy Christmas presents for her oldest child and not her five-month-old. In the video, the mom explains that not only does she not have the money to purchase presents for both her kids this year, but she also believes her youngest is too young to even enjoy receiving any Christmas presents.

@tiffanychesson Idk if this is normal or not, im sure the comments will soon roll in if it turns out im the worlds worst mum for refusing to get my baby anything for her first christmas but shes too young to want anything and already has everything she needs so im not damaging my bank account by trying to keep up with the joneses and buy her loads lf stuff she doesnt need 🤷🏼‍♀️ #babysfirstchristmas #firstchristmas #newbaby #newborn #christmas #christmasgifts #christmaspresents #deinfluencing #babyessentials #giftguide #controversial #mumsoftiktok #motherhood #parenting #mumof2 ♬ original sound – tiffany💖

“I don’t have a favorite, I will tell you that for free,” Chesson explained. “But this one is 3 months old and by the time Christmas rolls around, she’ll be about 5. Does she need presents? No she doesn’t.”

And because she is too young to even open gifts by herself, “there is literally no point in buying her a Christmas present,” she admits. “I don’t have the money to buy her a Christmas present. I’m on maternity pay.”

But fear not, Chesson’s baby girl will still get some gifts even if they aren’t from her parents. “My friends and family are going to buy her presents and that’s absolutely a-okay. I don’t have a problem with someone buying her presents. I’m just not going to do it for her.”

Instead, Chesson says she’ll buy her daughter Christmas gifts next year, when she’s 18 months and can appreciate them a bit more. “She’ll definitely be getting presents then, but for this year, it’s a no.”


And several people had things to say about this in the comments section. Many agreed with Chesson, saying, “I’ve already said, idc if people call me a bad mum, Christmas isn’t gonna be big in my home until they’re old enough to remember Christmas.”

Another commenter added, “Tbf my mum just wrapped up nappies, wipes and other things for me my first Christmas as I was 11 months old.”

“I wrapped bottles, clothes, teethers etc. Big brother would’ve noticed if Santa didn’t bring the baby anything.”

How do you handle Christmas with an infant?

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