Mom of Two Identified as Victim Killed in Kansas City Shooting; Teen Comforted By Chiefs Coach Andy Reid Shares His Story

Taylor Swift has help the family of Lisa Lopez-Galvan reach their goals on the GoFundMe account created for them. Travis Kelce and his foundation, Eighty-Seven Running, followed suit donating $100,000 to two young sisters who suffered gunshot wounds in the shooting.

“This fund has been set up to benefit Reyes family in the recovery of their two daughters shot at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade. The girls were celebrating with many members of their family when they were senselessly injured. We ask that you continue to keep the family in your prayers as the girls work to recover. This fund will help provide vital financial support for their physical and mental recovery, any leftover funds will be saved for their college funds. All fund are being deposited into a bank account established just for the girls. Any amount is appreciated.,” the GoFundMe revealed.

The Reyes sisters were also visited by Patrick and Brittany Mahomes as they continue to recover in the hospital.

It was then learned that Kelce and his foundation donated a significant amount of money to the family to help aid in that recovery.

During the early morning hours of February 16, it was revealed that Swift donated $100,000 to the Lopez-Galvan family via the GoFundMe account. Alongside the donation, Swift wrote a note to the family, “Sending my deepest sympathies and condolences in the wake of your devastating loss. With love, Taylor Swift.”

As the GoFundMe reads, “This fund has been set up to benefit the family of Lisa Lopez-Galvan. Lisa was celebrating the Chiefs Super Bowl Victory parade when senselessly killed. She is survived by two children and her husband of 22 years. She was an amazing mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend to so many. We ask that you continue to keep her family in your prayers as we grieve the loss of her life. This fund will help provide vital financial support to her family as they process this unthinkable tragedy. Any amount is appreciated.”

The person who was killed at the Kansas City Chiefs championship parade shooting has been identified.
According to The Kansas City Star, Lisa Lopez-Galvan was a beloved mom of two and a popular disc jockey. As of Thursday morning, police have still confirmed only confirmed one casualty, despite various reports believing there are two people who lost their lives yesterday afternoon.

Friends of Lopez-Galvan confirmed her passing to The Kansas City Star, revealing that the mom of two passed away while in surgery. Lopez-Galvan suffered a gunshot wound to her abdomen.

“She was the most wonderful, beautiful person,” Lopez-Galvan’s friend, Lisa Lopez, told The Kansas City Star. “She was a local DJ. She did everybody’s weddings. We all know her. She was so full of life.”

Our thoughts are with Lopez-Galvan’s family during this truly devastating time.

The Star also reported how head coach for the Chiefs Andy Reid stayed to comfort a frantic teen during the shooting.

According to reports, Gabe Wallace, and his friend Hank Hunter were outside Union Station when the shooting began. Just sophomores in high school, Gabe and Hank got separated in the chaos, only to find each other again moments later, embracing each other and telling one another how much they love each other.

At this point, Gabe’s temple was covered in blood after he fell attempting to hop a fence while fleeing from danger.

“We were right up on the front of the fences, far left side, like right above the barricade,” Hank told the Star as he relived the terrifying experience. “… We heard shots and there were rumors going around. Everyone started getting down. And me and my friend Gabe, we jumped over the fences.”

That’s when Gabe heard, “boom, boom, like real quick,” and a security guard yelling at him. “The security guard was like, ‘Get over the damn fence right now. There’s a shooter.’”

After his “face nailed the concrete,” another security guard directed him into Union Station where several people, including Andy Reid, were there comforting people.

“Andy Reid was trying to comfort me, which was nice,” Gabe told The Star. “… He was kind of hugging me, just like, ‘Are you OK, man? Are you OK? Just please breathe.’ He was being real nice and everything.”

Donna Kelce also returned to Union Station after the team was quickly rushed to safety. “Everybody who was with the team, they got us out of there really fast,” she told The Star.

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