Mother give the inheritance of her husband to someone else, instead of their children

When the kids learned that a stranger had inherited their father’s estate, they were horrified. On the r/AITA subreddit on Reddit, the mother had posted the narrative.

The children didn’t like the concept and found it hard to accept that someone else had inherited their father’s wealth instead of them.

The mother submitted the narrative on Reddit under the pseudonym u/Positive-Purple-487. She said that she was married to her spouse for 20 years before he passed away. Cancer was the cause of his death.

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The woman revealed that her husband’s prior marriage produced two children. She clarified that they had their share of kids because, as the mother said, the kids were teenagers when they got married and she had a 7-year-old from a prior relationship.

She claimed that although her husband’s children had never accepted her, she still desired to be a family member. When they had the chance, they would verbally abuse the woman and behave rudely toward her.

The children believed that she was after their father’s wealth, but she disclosed that she was truly living below her means because her family was significantly wealthier than her husband’s.

She said that since she could afford it, she made the decision to care for her daughter at home. She said she never needed her husband’s money because she had money of her own. However, she did not discuss it with her spouse or his kids as she was sharing. because she didn’t want to be treated like a rich person but rather as herself.

His kids balked at staying with him after learning he had cancer. Her husband had endured for three years, the woman revealed. A twenty-year-old female was doing her best to aid them, just as her daughter was doing her best whenever she could.

She was employed as a waiter at a neighboring cafe. They were customers, coming there whenever they could.

She told them that she was a single mother studying night classes at a community college. She was a mother of two children. She came to assist whenever she could after hearing that the woman’s spouse had been diagnosed with cancer.

She helped with the funeral arrangements after her spouse passed away. When his children eventually arrived, their only concern was his inheritance.

Then she discovered that her husband had bequeathed his $250,000 mansion to his spouse. The single mother who worked at the cafe was left in charge of the house by the woman.

She was disappointed that she didn’t receive anything, even though her daughter understood that she had given the house to the single mother. The woman clarified that the residence did not belong to her own father and that she already had her mother’s money.

Because of what she did, her husband’s ex-wife and kids had caused a ruckus and were quite resentful of her.

As the Redditors had read the story of u/Positive-Purple-487, they had stated that she was right with her actions, and the children didn’t deserved the money of her husband.

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