Mother-in-Law’s Perfect Revenge: Teaching a Mean Daughter-in-Law a Life-Changing Lesson!

After losing her husband Ron, Lucy moved in with her son and daughter-in-law. After her loss, she wasn’t prepared to live alone, so she was residing in their home till she was.

As Lucy desired, her son benefited from the rent she was collecting from her own home. She clarified that it was done out of appreciation. While her son, Connor, worked long hours as an IT technician, Lucy lived alone with her housewife of a daughter-in-law, Eve.

While carrying her baggage, Connor informed his mother that she would be staying on the first floor, adding, “So, you don’t have to worry about your knees and the stairs.”

Everything was wonderful at first. Eve was really gentle with her and quite perceptive. She was cooking and clearing the dishes, and she turned down Lucy’s offer of assistance.

But Lucy was attempting to assist her with all of the housework. But as time went on, Lucy found herself completing household duties by herself, and her aging knees began to complain.

Eve called her mother-in-law, Lucy, as she was watching TV a few days before Christmas arrived.

Eve said, “Lucy, please go out and buy groceries for tonight’s dinner and Christmas dinner too, after you finish the laundry.” There will be nine visitors. Before you go, I’ll give you the cash.

Given that they were going shopping together, Lucy was taken aback. But instead of asking this time, she was giving orders.

Lucy came to the realization that her daughter-in-law will utilize her as a maid the longer she stays in their home. She was no longer a visitor.

But before she went, she wanted to teach Eve a lesson. Lucy was used to cooking and preparing food for huge crowds because she came from a large family.

The aromas of Lucy’s home-cooked Christmas meal permeated the house when Christmas arrived.

The guests entered the supper table as they began to arrive. “Aunt Lucy, this food is amazing!” exclaimed one of her son’s pals. Did you prepare everything by yourself?

“Yes, Ross,” Lucy grinned and replied.

After all the praise she had received, she could see that her son Connor was proud of his mother. Since this was Lucy’s first Christmas without her husband Ron, she was delighted too, but she was also missing him.

Eve remarked, “Lucy, I didn’t think you could make so many delicious things!”

Lucy said, “Thank you, Eve,” since she had a lesson she wanted to teach her.

After the dinner, Eve and Lucy were cleaning the table, while Connor was attending to their guests in their living room. When Lucy looked at Eve, she saw that Eve had a face of envy.

The compliments and the people’s enjoying Lucy’s food made her envy. “Lucy, can we talk?” Eve asked later.

“Sure,” Lucy said. “What’s on your mind, Darling?”

“I didn’t realize how much you do around the house. I’ve wanted to take it easy, so I added it to your load. I’m so sorry.” She said.

Then Lucy smiled, as she figured it out that Eve had her lesson. “It’s more than fine,” Lucy started, “I just need you to know that as much as I want to help around the house, I’m old, and my knees aren’t the same anymore.”

“We make a great team,” Eve said, “Come on, let’s go put your feet up. I’ll make you a cup of tea.”

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