My late mom left $5 million inheritance to my greedy brother and aunts & I only got an envelope with an address

What the late mom left for her daughter is in the link in the comments.

Families rupturing over a loved one’s possessions is not unusual. It can occasionally get so bad that people destined to inherit might not agree.

A woman related the tale of her mother and the bequest she left behind when she died.

The woman began by stating that she was the one who cared for her mother during her cancer battle. The woman added, “Since Mom has always been my best friend, it goes without saying that I will support her through this illness at every turn.”

She was always there for her mother, though, while her avaricious brother and aunts were always around when they needed something, which was generally to have their bills paid.

Cancer patient at home. | Source: Pexels

“One aunt wanted my mom’s “contacts” to help her find a new home as my mom’s health was steadily failing. since my mother ran a real estate company. The woman wrote, “It was astounding how daring they were.

Sadly, her mom passed away.

The woman remembered that day when her mother’s will was supposed to be read. The room, which looked like it was out of a Hallmark film, was filled with her brother, her aunts, and the attorney for her late mother.

“When the lawyer dropped the bomb, I was drinking weak tea from one of the broken teacups. Approximately $5 million of Mom’s savings were designated to be divided between my brother and my aunts. I swallowed the tea hard, wondering what on earth was going on. since I received nothing. None at all. Nothing at all.

Her brother and her aunts were trying desperately not to grin at her as tears began streaming down her face and mascara drips marred her skirt.

Pink and White Tea Set. | Source: Pexels

“‘How could my mother have hurt me in this way?'” I wiped my nose with my hand as I thought. As a typical overthinker, I then started to question if I had given her enough attention in those last several months,” the poor woman couldn’t stop thinking.

Then she saw the attorney walking toward her and giving her an envelope.

The woman found an address scrawled on a sheet of paper when she opened it. She was clueless about what was happening.

She initially believed it might be the location of a storage unit her mother was asking her to empty. For one, the lawyer said very little. All he did was tell the woman that she was the one her mother cared about the most.

The woman discovered her mother had left her a treasure of a house when she arrived at the address. The house she saw before her was so exquisite that it looked like something out of a fairy tale. In the yard were even the woman’s favorite flowers.

Beautiful House | Source: Pexels

“It turns out my mom knew all about how my brother and aunts were the biggest money drains. But she wanted me to have a place to build a future and a family. To make new memories in a place that clearly has her spirit,” the woman continued her story.

Another letter on the kitchen table in this new home explained that the mom left the money to her son and her sister fully aware they would waste it the moment they put their hands on it, but she wanted to teach them the value of family, which would likely come as a lesson once they spent all the money they inherited.

“But now, I’m standing in my new kitchen, drinking coffee from the coffee machine I always wanted, and I realize that mom’s love was never in the money — no. It was in this home, and I knew that this gift would be more valuable to me than anything else.

“Hey, Mom? You still know the best.”

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