No need to scrub, put the oven rack in a bag: it becomes like new again

The oven rack can be quite difficult to clean, especially if it contains solid dirt. Let’s see how to make it new.

Food residue and embedded grease may render the oven rack inoperable.

Why does my oven grill get dirty?
The oven is a fantastic tool for preparing our meals. The oven, whether static or vented, has inside grills that allow trays or containers to be put with the dishes to be cooked. The oven rack (or racks, if there are more than one) can be adjusted in height using a sliding system.

When cooking, getting dirty is unavoidable, and the oven rack, like the stovetop, can get dirty. Cleaning this element of your device can be difficult. In reality, in certain circumstances, chemicals sold for this reason that promise great things fail to deliver.

Fortunately, there is a simple and natural way to perfectly degrease the oven rack. Although this may appear weird to you, it is so effective that you will be astounded.

How to Quickly Clean It
To begin, you will need a huge bag, similar to those used to dispose of rubbish. The bag should be large enough to accommodate your oven rack. You’ll also need a dishwasher detergent tablet. Don’t worry if you don’t have it; you won’t have to run out and get it. Simply replace the tablet with regular laundry detergent.

Then you’ll need a bowl to put the tablet or detergent in. Hot water will be placed in the bowl to be poured directly onto the tablet so that the contents can dissolve completely. Of course, the water should not be too hot, or you risk puncturing the bag. If the tablet hasn’t completely dissolved, use a fork to hurry things up.

3 or 4 tablespoons baking soda should be added to the mixture. As a result, we will devise a very effective mixture capable of eliminating even the most recalcitrant fats. The liquid must be poured into the bag. You must ensure that it is not too thick and that it does not puncture the bag.

At this point, the bag should be firmly closed so that liquid does not leak out accidently. Then, on a flat area, place the bag with the rack inside. The oven grill in the bag will need to rest for approximately two hours. If it is extremely dirty, let it to sit over an extended period of time, such as overnight.

When the timer goes off, take the oven rack out of the bag and rinse it under running water. There will be no need for scrubbing. It will be as good as new and ready to use again.

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