Olivia Newton-John’s Daughter Reveals Her Mother’s Final Words

Olivia Newton-John’s daughter Chloe Lattanzi talked candidly about her mother’s final hours on Earth before she passed away in August 2022 in an emotional interview with Koda Kotb. Lattanzi revealed her mother’s last remarks, which showed that Newton-John was witty and humorous right up until the point at which she was unable to speak.

Lattanzi acknowledged her mother’s passing while expressing her affection for her, highlighting their close relationship that went beyond Newton-John’s notoriety. She also thanked her mother’s enormous fan base for their outpouring of kindness, which has helped her through this trying time.

The audience was able to hear Newton-John’s performance of the song “Jolene” on the same day as the interview. One of the final songs that Newton-John recorded before her death was this duet with Dolly Parton, demonstrating her continuing talent.

John Easterling, Lattanzi’s stepfather, was also present for the interview. Easterling talked about his continued relationship with Newton-John, revealing that he still has daily conversations with her. Taking stock of their fifteen years together, he believes Olivia to be his true soul mate.

Stockard Channing, Newton-John’s co-star and close friend, highlighted her sadness over the passing while praising Newton-John’s upbeat demeanor and elegance. Channing emphasized how much she will be missed and recalled Newton-John as one of the sweetest individuals she had ever met.

Didi Conn, who costarred with Channing as Frenchy in “Grease,” also talked about her feelings regarding Newton-John’s last moments. Conn disclosed that Newton-John needed round-the-clock care because he was unable to walk at the time. Newton-John’s husband and daughter continued to be committed to her well-being in spite of the difficulties.

Conn talked about the last text message exchange she had with Newton-John. Conn expressed her unending love, and Newton-John returned the sentiment in a poignant exchange of words. On July 5th, they shared their last message, which Conn found to be a really moving recollection.

John Travolta, Newton-John’s co-star and close friend, paid a heartfelt tribute following her loss. Travolta shared a picture of the two of them together and talked on how much Newton-John improved the lives of people around her.

The hearts of Olivia Newton-John’s daughter, family, friends, and innumerable admirers carry on her legacy as a cherished performer and compassionate person. Her influence on the globe will live on in our memories and hearts forever.

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