Parental Alert: Psychologists Reveal the 7 Phrases You Should NEVER Use When Speaking to Your Kids

Parents are the pillars of support for their children. Their job is considerably more important during their children’s growing years. Children are made to feel safe and cherished by their parents. They seek to their parents for assistance and direction.

What we say to our children often has a greater impact than we realize. Children have a tendency to take things at face value, and anything their parents tell them is considered the “Word of God.”

No matter how upset you are, the following phrases should never be used with your child:

1. “Stop crying”
You should never prevent your youngster from expressing his or her feelings. If they are unable to stop sobbing, do not make them look foolish for doing so. You are indirectly telling your youngster to suppress their feelings if you say this.

Allowing them to cry their hearts out while also making them understand what they did wrong is a better strategy.

    2. “You disappointed me!”
    Do not let your youngster believe that he or she is a failure. This will bother them for a long time since youngsters despise disappointing their parents. If someone does something wrong, it is your responsibility to inform them. However, do so in a gentle manner that does not harm them.

    3. “You are not good/studious/obedient etc. enough”
    You should never inform your child that he or she lacks anything, whether within or outside the home. It is extremely upsetting when a youngster begins to believe that he or she is not what their parents desire or that he or she is different from other children. This idea can follow him into adulthood and have a negative impact on him.

    You can emphasize to your child that there is always space for improvement. You can instill confidence in them, and it will last a lifetime.

    4. “Big boys/girls don’t get scared”

    You can’t stop people from being afraid by telling them not to be afraid. Such empty words will not dispel dread. So you should inform them that it’s normal to be terrified from time to time.

      5. “You are a bad boy/girl”
      You should never make your child feel completely awful. You should inform them of their errors and the consequences of their actions. Anyone, including grownups, may make mistakes!

      6. “I do everything for you”
      Because they are youngsters, they expect you to do everything for them. You are in charge of them and should be able to support them. They are protected and guided by you, not the other way around. You can instill a sense of responsibility in them but don’t expect them to be your right hand any time soon.

      7. “You’re fat/dark/ugly etc.”
      Whatever or whatsoever your children are, they are ultimately your mirror.

      It is not their fault if they are darker than other children or have more moles. If your child is overweight, they are likely to be aware of it, as they are likely to be subjected to name-calling and bullying at school or on the playground.

        Home is their safe haven, and you don’t want to create a hazardous situation for children. You should not instill body-shaming sentiments in your child at such a young age.

        You can motivate them to eat healthily and exercise. Healthy eating habits should be promoted.

        Parents should exercise caution when speaking to their children. They should keep an eye out for more than just not swearing in front of kids. Children look to their parents for affection and acceptance. They will grow up to be broken adults if they do not receive it. Build their self-esteem and inspire them to succeed.

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