Puppy found in breeder’s trash can, left to die due to medical defects — now he’s getting a second chance

A puppy abandoned by a breeder in the trash was saved from certain death until, by some miracle, he was located and given another shot.

A broker noticed a “sickly, lethargic” French bulldog puppy that was fighting for its life last month while visiting a breeder to purchase puppies, according to a post from Mac’s Mission, a nonprofit canine rescue organization with headquarters in Jackson, Missouri.

The dog had a cardiac murmur in addition to an umbilical hernia. Because of these health issues, it’s thought the breeder purposefully tossed the puppy away, discarding their “faulty product” and letting the dog perish.

The puppy was on the verge of death when the broker saw it, so he pulled him from the trash, sought assistance from a local rescue, and then reported the breeder. After that, he was given to Mac’s Mission, who took him to the veterinarian.

They stated that the dog, who was renamed Oscar, was severely underweight, had low blood sugar, a high white blood cell count, and a severe upper respiratory infection. They gave him antibiotics and expressed hope that he would recover.

“How does one throw a sick, failing puppy in the trash? How? Specifically, how? The rescue stated, “After today, I have no words to express the audacity and cruelty of humanity.”

With his newfound security, Oscar’s true nature started to emerge. However, when his health deteriorated, his recuperation encountered an obstacle: according to Newsweek, rescue founder Rochelle Steffen, his heart murmur went from a rating 2 to a grade 4/5 out of 6.

However, they remain hopeful and rely on their allies to assist them in covering their escalating medical expenses. Steffen stated, “Taking on extreme medical cases and special needs is our sole focus of the rescue.”

“To think about him sitting in a trashcan wasting away alone and terrified makes my blood boil and makes me want to fight even harder to save the lost causes like sweet little Oscarr. Our team is all in on Oscar and whatever he needs to feel loved and to be happy.”

In recent updates, Mac’s Mission said that he would be going to an overnight foster, and that he would be seeing a cardiologist to figure out a course of action for his heart defect.

It’s truly heartbreaking that poor Oscar was thrown in the trash and left for dead, but we’re glad he’s in good hands and hope he continues to overcome his medical issues.

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