She Sneakily Disguised Herself and Infiltrated Her Son’s Kindergarten

When you have children, they must not miss any of their parents, regardless of the scenario. However, things do not always go as planned or as we would like, and we must confront reality.

With two children, this woman did the same thing. Those who raise their children jointly cannot comprehend the reality of being a single parent. You must be a mother and a father, or a father and a mother, depending on the situation, to take care of the children’s food, school, education, and a job that will provide them with a respectable livelihood.

Whitney Kittrell has been alone for three years and has been raising her two children on her own. The young woman’s purpose is to demonstrate to the youngsters that they are unconditionally loved, and she strives to create great memories with them.

“I promised myself that I would do everything I could, even if it meant coming out of my comfort zone to give my children a normal life like other children!” , she said.

Whitney was surprised one day when her son Lucas returned home from kindergarten. She noticed him holding an invitation. Father’s Day and Donut Day were celebrated in kindergarten, and the young lady’s heart broke. She was naturally inventive and discovered a solution immediately.

Despite her request for his father to join Lucas, he declines, preferring his mother to do it.

The child’s reasoning is heartfelt: he chose Whitney since she is both his mother and father.

On the day of the event, the mother dressed in a T-shirt, a baseball cap, and drew a beard on her face.

“I was embarrassed, but I couldn’t stop smiling when he introduced me to his friends as his mother and then added that I was his father,” recalled Whitney.

Despite everything she does for her children and offers, the young woman has moments when she does not trust her because she is unsure if she is raising her children appropriately.

I believe it is a model for all of us! Would you do anything like this for your child?

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