She was diagnosed with cherubism at the age of 4, a rare facial disfigurement developed in her chin.

When she was just a little girl, Victoria Wright’s mother noticed that her chin was growing unnaturally.

After Victoria was diagnosed with cherubism at the age of 4, a rare facial disfigurement developed in her chin.

Instead of having the usual amount of bones on her face, the little one has extra. This condition is more damaging aesthetically but causes widening of the eyes, headache, and chin pain.

Initially, the doctors told her that her chin would stop growing, but as she got older, her chin grew bigger. Although she did not have a childhood without torment and mockery, Victoria became a loving and good woman, and yes, even confident in herself.

The woman says that when someone stares at her, she turns her gaze away and smiles at them. “Just because someone is looking at me curiously doesn’t mean they’re looking in a negative light.”

The woman lives with her husband and daughter and works in a center for people with disabilities.

Victoria is another wonderful example of why we should accept ourselves as we are and try to turn it into something that could help others. If you agree, SHARE her life story to show the world that you can live anyway!

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