Shocking Confession! Husband Chooses Mom Over Pregnant Wife – What Happens Next Will Leave You Speechless!

A pregnant woman pleaded with her husband to be more present so that they could assure the safety of their unborn child.

Her husband’s following words astounded her.

After her husband was gone for the majority of her pregnancy, a Reddit poster wondered if she was being cruel in giving him an ultimatum. She quickly realized how horrible her situation was.

According to the woman, the pair had been dating for five years before getting married.

She had been pregnant for six months when she decided to seek assistance from the Reddit community.

The woman claimed that her husband and his mother had a very close relationship, saying, “My husband is a complete mommas boy.” He’ll talk to his mother for hours and spend more time with her than he does with me.”

The episode that sparked her Reddit post, on the other hand, was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

What Caused the Argument Between the Wife and Husband?

The woman asked her husband to spend more time with her in the sixth month of her pregnancy so that they could prepare for the birth of their soon-to-be-born kid.

Her spouse informed her that spending more time with her would take away from the time he spent with his mother.

The wife recognized her husband’s comprehension of the concept, but claimed that she needed his care more than his mother.

“You know my mom comes before you.”

After her husband went for his mother’s house, the woman thought about what he had said and decided to continue. She then handled everything on her own.

Her mother-in-law called to tell her she had won while she was at home alone with the baby. The wife’s dilemma was exacerbated by the fact that she could hear her husband giggling in the background while her mother-in-law talked about her success.

Despite her rage, she went about her business.

The couple celebrated their anniversary a few weeks later, and while the woman had planned to spend the day doing things like watching sports and feeding her husband his favorite food, he had other plans.

Her husband arrived home from work and then left while she was in the restroom.

She imagined her husband was planning a surprise for her, but when he hadn’t returned after half an hour, she called to find out where he was.

After establishing that her husband was actually staying with his mother, she told him that his mother could just as well be carrying their child because he was treating her as if she were his girlfriend.

After she hung up, she received text messages from both her husband and mother-in-law, telling her not to insult her mother-in-law and to find something else to do instead of being bitter and envious.

To determine if she was in the wrong, she asked the Reddit community.

What Did People Say?

The woman quickly submitted a follow-up, in which she expressed her gratitude to those who had commented on her original account to reassure her that she wasn’t crazy. In addition, she stated:

“I think my MIL is competing with me, and I might even have to give my husband [an] ultimatum because after reading these comments, things could only get worse from here.”

The community as a whole agreed that she had every right to expect her husband to spend more time with her and the baby than he did with his mother while she was pregnant.

Others suggested she try talking to her spouse to learn more about his time spent with his mother.

The spouse explained that the reason she did it was because his mother was very special to him.

The woman stated that she pondered divorcing her spouse when she saw that her mother-in-law had no plans to change.

She informed her husband that she would divorce him if he didn’t stop acting like he was married to his mother.

The husband wept when he heard this and promised to make amends.

The woman wanted to talk to her mother-in-law about her husband, but she knew her mother-in-law would tell her she had no chance of winning.

There is no winning or losing, the woman stressed, adding that her mother-in-law would lose visitation rights to her grandchild if she did not change her behavior.

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