Simone Biles Reveals The Truth After Recent Rumors

Simone Biles, the well-known Olympic gold medallist, had to face the most recent pregnancy speculations after a picture of her in constricting clothing began circulating.

Just two days prior, 26-year-old Biles shared pictures of herself having a good time at a football game while wearing a camouflage jacket and figure-hugging brown clothing.

Certain enthusiasts began to speculate that the photographs might be of a pregnancy. Some comments on social media, such as “I see a baby bump!!!” and “OMG she’s pregnant 😍😍😢,” conveyed shock and amazement.

Biles confirmed that she is not expecting a kid in her Instagram Story, ending the rumors.

Despite the reports that she is pregnant, Biles seems content with her new life as the wife of Jonathan Owens, whom she married earlier this year.

Biles and Owens are able to maintain their friendship in spite of the pressures of their demanding careers in sports.

Although Biles has previously discussed the challenges of being apart from Owens while he pursued his profession with the Packers, she has emphasized that the pair still finds time to unwind and enjoy one other’s company despite their distance.

She claims that they enjoy several activities together, such as visiting therapy, getting their nails done, getting massages when they’re not working, and playing friendly rivalry.

Simone Biles seemed to be thoroughly enjoying her married life!

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