Son decided to place his mother to a nursing home and he rarely visited her

A son placed his mother in a nursing home due to a lack of time and only sometimes paid visits to her. He received a call one day saying she wasn’t feeling well. The mother responded with a heart-stopping response while the son, who was now crying, asked what he could do for her.

Do you ever begin to wonder whether there is such a thing as karma?

Are the positive things we do being rewarded, or are the negative things we do being punished?

Some people never stop to consider the effects of their decisions, which I believe always comes back to bite them in the rear later in life.

A man made the decision to place her mother in a nursing facility after his father passed away.

With all that was occurring to him, he simply didn’t have enough time to take care of her. He hardly ever even came around. Only when he had a brief window of time.

He received a call one day informing him that she was rapidly losing her health. She appeared to be spending her final moments.

The son hurried into his mother’s room as soon as he entered the nursing home. He quickly inquired as to whether there was anything he could do to help.

His eyes were penetrated by the mother’s stern gaze as she made only a few requests.

She explained to him that she used to occasionally suffocate, chasing after every breath, and that she wanted the fans adjusted. She also wanted to change the refrigerator.

Because the fridge destroyed all the food that was supposed to be maintained at a cold temperature, she occasionally went without eating.

The son was caught completely off-guard.

He believed his mother was unaware that she was passing away.

He questioned why she hadn’t told him everything earlier while crying. It was already too late.

The mother then gave him the same stern look in the eyes and said, “I know I’m going to die, but I think of you when your kids won’t want you by their sides either… They’ll bring you here, too.Then, you’ll discover superior circumstances… You receive what you give… Don’t overlook that.

The son’s heart was shattered into a million pieces by these remarks.

He was aware that keeping her with him would have allowed her to spend her final years with her family rather than being forced into a nursing facility against her will.

We must never, ever forget that it is our duty to see to ensure that our parents enjoy their golden years, and that is our obligation!

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