Tattooed Grandma Unveils Shocking Transformation – What She Looked Like a Decade Ago!

Tattoos are just one way for many people to express themselves via their bodies.

However, many people are extremely opposed to such initiatives. Kerstin Tristan was a member of the latter group until a disastrous event in 2015…

Continue reading to find out more about her exploits.

56-year-old Kerstin Tristan is a mother and grandma. She does, however, have some peculiar interests that stray from the ‘ standard’ for a grandmother. Her favorite type of body art is tattoos.

She’s spent a lot of money getting tattoos all over her body to show her dedication to this level.

She hasn’t always had such a strong affinity for body art.

She admitted to hating tattoos and didn’t get one until 2015.

What made her loathe them so much? That same year, she received her first one, which drastically changed her perspective on the surgery.

“I simply just wanted to try something new. We all live just once, and I thought that at my age, something real has to come,” she shared.

She has spent a total of 30,000 euros (about $32,000 USD) on tattoos since 2015.

Fortunately, her bravery has earned her a lot of respect and admiration.

She has over 190,000 Instagram followers, and her TikTok videos have been viewed millions of times.

She isn’t hesitant to show off her attractiveness. She frequently uses Instagram to show off her entire body.

She didn’t always have tattoos, and she looked completely different a decade ago. She’ll show the world the before and after photos side by side.

The influencer from Germany has elaborate images tattooed on her arms and legs, as well as a leopard pattern artwork on her shoulders. These are just a few of the numerous tattoos on her body.

She is so satisfied with her current looks that she says, “When I look at myself in the mirror, I see a beautiful meadow full of flowers that one has to love.”

Not only does she enjoy her appearance, but at least one other individual has described it as “a beautiful work of art.” while another said, “Wow stunning photo.”

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Age should not be an impediment to expressing oneself.

Kerstin exemplifies how one’s age should not be a limiting factor in how one expresses themselves to the world.

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