The man asked his wife to choose between him and the dogs. Here is her answer

The real happiness for Liz Haslam is the care and protection offered to dogs in need and in greatest need of help.

What do you get in return? The love and gratitude of these animals, things they would not give for anything in the world.

Liz married the man who seemed to be the love of her life.

Liz Haslam married Mike, whom she met when she was just 16 and was love at first sight. She graduated from high school and left her parental home after her wedding to live her life with the man of her dreams in a two-bedroom, 2.5-square-kilometer home in Barnham, Suffolk. When Liz and Mike were 25, they had a son named Ollie, but nothing seemed enough for their love to last and the couple to overcome the obstacles that would arise.

“Either the dogs or me!”

One day, faced with an unusual situation that exceeded the limits of patience, Mike confronted Liz without thinking about the consequences. “My husband said, ‘Either me or the dogs?’ I have never heard of him since, “said the woman.

The main reason? When they moved into the new home, Liz had enough space to lay the groundwork for an organization that filled her heart more than pockets: BedForBullies, a shelter, and shelter for Bull Terriers. Everything went normally until her husband felt that their marriage relationship revolved around dogs that had health and behavior problems.

From an early age, Liz felt a great love for dogs.

Although this happened, Liz’s love for dogs should not have bothered Mike, as she had had a special friendship with the quadrupeds since the earliest times of her life. His mother raised West Highland Terriers and his father owned a feed business. “I thought that after 25 years he should have known that giving up dogs is not part of my intentions. He knew what it would be like from the moment we got married. I don’t know what to expect “, confesses Liz.

Their couple’s goals were no longer moving in the same direction

However, no one can judge Mike or people who do not love animals as many of us do, and we cannot force them to change their minds. Liz saw this very clearly, and for that reason, they both made the healthy decision to break up as their priorities changed. “We moved further and further away, he was very involved in his work and left me no choice. I didn’t want to be the wife of a boring man. So I found refuge near those who offered me unconditional love: my dogs, “she said.

Liz, an angel for dogs

The dogs’ needs and compassion for them made Mike second on Liz’s list of priorities. “My passion for animals turned out to be too much for him.” And how can it not be? Caring for 30 dogs that need medical treatment and attention doesn’t leave much time for you. Liz spends about 18 hours caring for them, walking them four times a day. And he spends hundreds of dollars every month on medicine and food.

However, BedforBullies remains a charity “based mainly on donations” and, on the other hand, Liz accepts rescued puppies that other shelters would not accept. Over the years it has received about 200 animals and the number of places continues to grow.

Above all, always with his dogs

Although she owes more than £ 4,000 to the vet as a result of medical bills from treating the dogs, as well as outstanding rent of around £ 800 a month, Liz says she couldn’t be happier at the moment: “I chose to do this and love with all my heart what I do ”.

We have no doubt that his intentions are among the best and that is why he deserves all the appreciation. How would you have acted in her place?

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