The police found a LOST DOG ON THE BEACH!

It all happened last spring. California potters were shocked to find an abandoned and very sad Golden Retriever dog on the beach.
As they approached him, they noticed a huge swelling hanging from the poor dog’s body. He couldn’t walk much and he was in terrible pain. He couldn’t even lift his leg to urinate.

The police took the dog and rushed him to a vet. There they did the tests and an x-ray. Following the analysis of the vet, they found that he has a cancerous tumor that almost doubles his body mass.

The operation followed, which was quite difficult. Fortunately, Henry, as the vet called him, recovered from the operation and slowly began to recover.
Finding out his story on the internet, people around the world donated money to pay the medical bill.

Most likely, Henry was abandoned by his master when he saw that the puppy was ill.

One of the volunteers who cared for the dog said: “Veterinarians who took part in Henry’s operation said they had never seen such a large tumor.”
Henry is now healthy, completely rebuilt, and wants only a home forever, with a loving family to give him his full attention.

Police are still hoping to find Henry’s former owner, who abandoned him so carelessly.

Here is another case in which people abandon their animals without remorse. How can you abandon your dog, especially when he needs your help more? When his health is in danger, then you have to help him, take care of him, and take him to the vet.

And if you don’t have the money to take care of your dog when he’s sick, you don’t have to abandon him. This is not the solution. You can try to look for donations. Solutions can be found if you really love your dog, abandonment is by no means a solution.

We hope that the person who abandoned Henry will be found and severely punished for his actions.

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