The proms of today are very different from the ones of the past!

The proms of today are very different from the ones of the past: the girls spend a small fortune on dresses, and the boys make their costumes for the Big Event to order, some even come with the limousine paid for by the proud parents.

All participants are brilliant, so to stand out you have to do something completely different, something that no one will forget. Meghan Flaherty, now a student in New Jersey, wanted to make sure no classmates would forget her, so she made her entrance in a big way.

Meghan and her partner, with the help of friends and family, arrived at the prom in a real hearse. Moreover, the girl raised the stakes by agreeing to be placed in an open coffin!

Why would a teenager choose to do such a thing? Meghan is a quiet girl with very precise plans, she wants to become a funeral director when she finishes college. Her colleagues were shocked when she arrived, they did not expect to see such a thing at the prom.

Unlike most of the corpses, Meghan kept her eyes wide open when she was taken out of the hearse: she was curious how her classmates would react and she didn’t want to risk not seeing their faces, according to the girl: they just didn’t understand what they were seeing! ”

After coming out of the coffin, the prom went off as normal. Although getting to the prom in a coffin is certainly not for everyone, you have to admit that she showed great creativity and courage. If you want to see how her colleagues’ faces fell when they saw her in the coffin, you can watch the video below:

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