The Story of the 2 Wolves – You read it in seconds, but you’ll remember it for a lifetime

In this parable, it talks about the presence of a good and an evil entity within us, between which there is a continuous struggle. It is an inner conflict, which many of us have felt many times.

Once an old Indian man revealed a truth of life to his grandson.

Every man fights an inner struggle throughout his life. Everything goes like this, because inside us live two wolves, – the wise Indian began the discussion.

What do you mean by two wolves? – asked the boy. On his face, there was childish curiosity.

One of them is Ruthlessness. This is represented by fear, anger, envy, anger, pride, greed, selfishness, wickedness, pride, sadness and guilt.

And the other wolf is Kindness. Happiness, peace, love, hope, benevolence, generosity, truth and faith! – replied the old Indian.

Which of the wolves wins, Grandpa? – asked the little boy and you could see he was very excited. He was anxious to know the truth. It’s always the wolf you feed that wins! – Grandpa answered and smiled.

This dialogue made us reflect. And you?

A little boy asks his grandfather:

What’s soul, Grandpa?

Well, my boy, think that you have two wolves inside you, one white wolf who loves truth, justice, love, courage, and honesty and another black wolf who loves lies, fear, hatred, cruelty, and theft.

The white wolf is the good wolf. In him are gathered all our qualities: generosity, love, altruism, altruism, sincerity, honesty, fairness, morality, loyalty, kindness, courage, inner peace, humility… All that is good and beautiful in us.

And the black wolf?

The black wolf is the one in whom we have gathered all that is worst in us: hatred, envy, greed, fear, lies, betrayal, selfishness, arrogance, malice… And they fight a continuous battle inside you, they keep on fighting, they keep on fighting…

And who wins, Grandpa?

Depends on who you feed, grandson, depends on who you feed…

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