The Wednesday Prayer for Inner Strength and Peace of Mind: A Must-Try

The most powerful prayer of Wednesday
“Almighty and All-Wise Gods! I remember that You were born Man of the Blessed Virgin in the cave and were sold for thirty pieces of silver by the wily disciple, to redeem us sinners from the power of the devil. For this, please, have mercy on me, the sinner!

Receive, O Lord, this little prayer of mine, and humble my will, for I grieve because I have grieved Thee, and grow bitter because I have grieved Thee without number. In Thee, O most good Saviour, I have all hope, and I believe that Thou, who for love of man hast received to be sold for us, wilt endure me also now, that Thou mayest save me from everlasting torments, and mayest restore me to Thy kingdom.

Depart not from me, O Lord, and help me, that I may do Thy will in all things, and that I may no longer daily reproach Thee with my sinful deeds, nor mock Thee with my evil thoughts, as the unbelieving Jews did during Thy holy sufferings, but that the sinful woman may wash Thy feet with the tears of my eyes, that I may be justified in hearing Thy sweet mouth: Thy sins be forgiven.”

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