The woman wanted to capture the pleasant moments from her first ultrasound with a video camera

The woman wanted to capture the pleasant moments

The woman wanted to capture the pleasant moments from her first ultrasound with a video camera, but when the doctor consulted her she told her that it would be better to turn off the video camera because she would not want a memory of that moment.
Jessica Capitani is a woman from the United States who had a shock when she had her first ultrasound. It all happened in 2005 when Jessica found out she was pregnant. She was very eager to find out the child’s gender. When the doctor called her for an ultrasound, she jumped for happiness and hurried to get there.

The woman had also taken a camera with her to capture the moment when she would find out the sex of the baby and to show it to her husband.
When she went to the gynecologist for an ultrasound, she believed that this ultrasound was done only to find out the child’s gender, not for other aspects. When she started filming, she was very excited, but after the environment consulted her and saw the images on the screen, she was shocked and suggested to Jessica to close the camera because there was not a pleasant moment.
After he turned off the camera, the doctor explained what it was all about. Jessica had several complications.

Some complications did not threaten her life and were minor, but she had some serious complications that endangered both her life and the baby’s life. Among many complications, the doctor told the woman that her baby was going to be born with Down syndrome, with quite serious heart malformations and that she would have an enlarged, hydrocephalus head.

A very dangerous moment was about to be born when the lives of the mother and the fetus were in great danger and it was not known if they would survive. The doctor suggested the abortion option, but Jessica didn’t even want to consider this option, so she chose to give birth. The pregnancy went well and Jessica and the rest of the family did not stop hoping for a miracle that would save them both.
In 2005, Jessica gave birth to Caden. Things were very complicated at first and no one thought that the boy would be able to have a normal life. Instead, the miracle that all those close to him hoped for has happened and Caden is now a ray of sunshine that brings joy wherever he goes.

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